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What is your mother’s specialty dish? In other words, what food makes you salivate at the thought of it?

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  • торт медовый и зебра
  • Noodle with eggs and vegetables.
  • KFC fried chickn !
  • Pasta. :)
  • I am a VERY Picky eater when it comes to food...My Favorite Foods consist of Chicken(Breasts Meat Only) Cutlets,Nuggets ect. Beef (Burgers,Meatballs,Thin Steak) Grains Italian/French Bread,Most kinds of regular pasta (No funky colored ones) Pizza ect. Veggies Corn,Potatos (Fries , Mashed Potato's),Carrots(varies on how its made) Lentil and Red Kidney Beans. Fruits - All kinds accept for Watermelon,Coconut(I will eat candy with coconut in it tho),High Citrus Acid Fruits like Orange's tangerines and Grapefruit and Lemon and Limes( I will drink them in juices tho) Oh I don't like the taste of Mango's very much but like the other fruits I will drink them if mixed right in beverages :) I am basically a big kid in an adults body. You put a plate of this in front of me and I'll say: Woah!....did somebody hire a sick french chef because he just "suck-a-blew his chunks all over my dinner >:/" One dish I can not stand is any type of seafood....The sound or the word makes me squirm... I ain't got ANY acceptations like some people who say they don't like fish always say like "I hate fish but gimme some fish sticks and some bbq sauce and I'm fine" NO YUCK YUCK YUCK >___< Its stinky and smells get me plate of chicken fingers thank you! Now this was supposed to be about my favorite food. Personally I have favorite foods in catagories well...here they are. American - Cheeseburger and French Fries Chinese - General Tso Chicken (No Baby Corn or Brocoli) Italian - Chicken Parm OR Spaghetti with Meatballs Spanish - Red Kidney Beans with Sofrito and Yellow or White Rice with a side of Chicken Cutlets Indian- (None) That's basically it :) Till Next Time :3
  • гамбургер
  • Пирожки с капустой, которые пекла моя бабушка, а я её помогала. А мама - не готовила, у ней не лежала к этому душа. И только сейчас, пожалуй, я поняла, почему так случилось. После бабушкиного ухода, постепенно готовить дома стала я. Люблю готовить борщ, печь пироги. И когда получается  совпасть с сыном за общим столом - это праздник. 
  • when she makes anything Mexican!!!!
  • Hungarian chicken & rice dish. The gravy with it is out of this world. :)
  • моя мама готовила потрясающий рыбный пирог. больше я никогда в жизни не знала этого вкуса.
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