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What would ____ do?

If you have the opportunity to be someone else for one week then who would you be? Tell us why and what you would do.

Answers (350)

  • I'd be someone who is living their life to the fullest outdoors, traveling, experiencing, learning etc.

  • Наверное, я бы хотела прожить
    24 часа на месте Марии-Антуаннеты в дни, когда вот-вот уже была близка её гибель. Что думала и чем жила эта австрийка при французском дворе,  никогда никем там не понятая, убегающая от действительности посредством праздности, заполнявшей пустоту души...
  • Своим любимым мужчиной, что бы, наконец, понять его
  • i would be an eighteen year old celebrity :D because i always wanted to be 18 for a week then go back to 15 and i always wanted to be a celebrity for a week then go back to being normal and i would shop until i drop and party and drink and meet hot guys :D just the usual ^_^
  • Well... this is a really interesting question. My favourite singers are Ruki and Kyo, so I would be probably one of them. Why Kyo? - because his voice is just perfect, and I would be really glad to talk and sing with it. The high pitched tones, growls and mumbles he does are so mind blowing, eerie and everything in between that... And his laugh! *melts* I would be him because of his life and vision for the world, too. His vision for life seems so... how to say it? Difficult? I'd like to understand everything he means by his lyrics... well, I usually understand them, but how he can write such sad, depressive and perverted lyrics all the time, and they're still so awesome and they keep on gaining more awesome? Someone would say that he's out of 'limits' already, because he writes about the same feeling again and again, but, his lyrics are still so amazing that I just can't understand how he can do it. As it seems, he's not that happy (but I believe he's not sad all the time). But really, hand on the heart, who is truthfully happy? I'm not. He got through some hard times in his life; but I'll still be glad to be him, even if just for a week... I don't care if he's partially deaf on his left ear because I also have problems with my left ear so I'm used to it... and I don't care if he loses his voice sometimes and has problems with his throat, because he's human too. I don't care about the scars on his body, because I also have some. It's the mind and the thoughts I want to access. That would mean privacy violation... Why Ruki? - well, this is something similar to Kyo's case. To know his feelings, to know the vision for life he has, and to understand all his lyrics too. I'm really angry at PSC and SonyMusic Japan, so I would be glad to know what's really happening. I know they have a contract with them, but I want to know for how long and with who will they have another contract when the one with PSC will end... I want to know what's really behind it, because the GazettE changed so much when they got from King Records into SonyMusic Japan. SMJ told them that they should make a song for their anime Kuroshitsuji II and then they'll become more famous. But what's the point for becoming more famous when people would see them only like an anime-opening-band? They were famous enough before that. Besides, I read that Ruki has written on his blog that he hates when people talk about them like an anime-opening band. Ha, because they are not. They did an opening for an anime, and what? DEG did too, and people don't talk about them like that. And what is the point to becoming more famous, again, when you will be famous but you'll even lose your fans? Yes, we can't call this true fans then, but anyway... this is just sick, how someone can manipulate with somebody else. I understand that they have their own personal problems, and it would be probably hard to live with them and to solve them, but to be one of them for only a week wouldn't be bad. xD Okay, I think this is all about these two. But I'd also like to be Reita or Toshiya! Why? PLEASE, TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY BASS LIKE YOU! D: I know, I have to practice, but anyway - it would be awesome to be one of them! I think this is all I wanted to say. I'm really falling asleep here, but I wanted to write this. Now, oyasumi~
  • Obviously, I'd choose to become someone who would be able to find effective treatments for all my health problems within the week, assuming that the unlucky soul who was using my body in that time period was willing to cooperate. Well, of course they'd be willing to cooperate--I'd choose to be the sort of person who could convince anyone using my body that it's in their best interest to cooperate with me! Anyone who feels that my answer is unrealistic should re-read the question and tell me how realistic any other answer would be. ~~~ In the meantime, I would like to be a person who can get some sleep tonight. How unrealistic is that?
  • Ммм Дин Кунц
  • I just paid $22.87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $675 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, BidsGet.com
  • Мужчиной бы стала. Интересно же. Собирала бы компании друзей, рассказывала остроумные истории, и все бы от меня, такого красавца, балдели. Была бы снисходительна, великодушна..
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