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Writer's Block

I Made It Myself

What have you made using your own two hands?

Answers (142)

  •  I made shadow puppets, if you want to get literal -laughs-. Really, I haven't made much in my opinion, I made a wooden box when I was 10 or so (my grandpa helped me with the cutting tool, and instructions, but nothing more than that), and a pillow that my grandma helped me make just recently. I'm sure there's more, but that's about all I can remember...
  •  One thing I have made currently with my own two hands is a small rockinghorse that is about a foot and a half long and a foot tall. It is made out of wood and was made in my woodshop class/elective.
  • Answer: A complete disaster
  • why are all these fucking questions about art and being an artist. we need to get some better writer's block questions  
  •  I make alot of necklaces and braclets. 
    It keeps me occupied and I think I have a talent for it.. maybe.
  • well our first year of highschool me and 2 of my boys made a go-cart. we tried to look for those wagen carts that people use when they go shoping to the supermarket. they have 2 small weels in the front and 2 bigger weels in the back so we had to find 2 of them to have 4 tires. i found on a proch. it had a couple of empty bottles in it i took them out and took the cart. one of my boys "Joe" use to have this shed that his father keept a lot of junk in so we took some wood that was there we found some old metal but every thing worked out pretty good we used it for about 3 weeks and then got tierd of it and through it out.
  • Mm well that's not really a hard question but it might

    take a minute or two..uhm lets see I've made some pots
    in my ceramics class I was forced to take last year..uhm
    i make masterpieces of art with my wonderful two hands..
    ive also made a bunch of messes with them!! ive made
    sucessful cartwheels with them and made jungl gyms happy
    when I was younger (: there's alot i can do with my two handss some
    things good and others badd..I can show you sometime?? (:

  • I made four drums, one of which is a huge Ashiko with full fur head and is Sassafras wood. ^_^
  • lots of stuff, paintings, gifts, food. you name it i have probably tried to make it :) its a great feeling when you make something and are proud of it :)
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