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Writer's Block

Parlez-vous francais?

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

Answers (889)

  • Тайский язык. Хотел бы учить китайский.
  • English is my primary language. I also know a smattering de Français (French), y bits of Español (Spanish) und Deutche (German).
  • английский хочу, никакой не знаю.
  • учу английский. хочу еще французский

  • Знаю армянский как родной, русский, английский (уже лет 10 все никак до совершенства не выучу)), немецкий (учу в университете), и испанский (недавно начала учить).
    Хотела бы выучить французский, хотя пока не знаю для каких целей))
  • Apart from English and Japanese, which I am currently still learning, I have thought about learning French and Italian. For some reason, German has never really crossed my mind much, but I guess it would be fun to learn an extra language. Becoming bilingual is challenging and it's spirit-lifting to bring yourself a challenge every now and then. p(^ ^)q
  • Iknow Italian. I'd like to learn French...
  • yes, I agree,  I also try
  • Mandarin. The major languages of the world as well as some intriguingly beautiful ones.
  • Since I'm Thai my first foreign language is English. Then later I know pieces and bit of Russian, Japanese and Chinese. And I wanna learn Latin except for really learn those three I only know bit of 'em. ^^
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