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Which song gives you goosebumps? Good or bad-- tell us why.

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  • I don't own Alicia Witt's ep yet, but the songs on the album are amazing.  I've been watching youtube films of her music videos and concerts frequently.  I plan to purchase Alicia Witt's ep very soon.  I enjoy all the films she acted in and I know her albums will be just as fantastic.  The world is so much better with Alicia Witt in it.  
  • Снегири. Антонова. Ю.  В память о миллионах загубленных.
  • I really enjoy the music that television and film actress Alicia Witt has composed and performed. The song, Judgement Day, is another fantastic example of what a great musician Alicia Witt is.  I can't wait to purchase and listen to her debut album in it's entirety.  
  • Александр Розенбаум - Красная стена
  • Hocus Pocus - Focus

    Used to have the viynl and dad used to play it when I was young, something about the vocals, and nostalgia. That gives me the goosebumps.

    Superbass - Nicki Minaj - gives me the goosebumps for the wrong reason. How can that be classed as music?! #DISCRASFUL

  • rihanna - unfaithful it's a really emotional song and the first time i heard it was at a really emotional point in my life so it doubles the feelings and it just brings back memories and not a lot of songs do that for me
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