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It’s the thought that counts

What was the best gift you’ve ever received? Who was it from and what was the occasion?

Answers (309)

  • от малознакомого парня,которого видела второй раз в жизни ,репродукцию Ван Гога,просто так,безумно приятно ,потому что без повода))))парень уехал картина весит в коридоре,проходя мимо улыбаюсь))))
  • The most meaningful gist I've ever received was a bandana. A light blue bandana which was given to me by my best friend. She had it ever since she was little, and i guess it really meant alot to me when she told me where it had come from. Its been one of my most prized possesions and i'll never let it go, its become a part of me and goes everywhere i do. Another gist I've always loved was the hug my dad gave me on my graduation, it came from nowhere but it meant alot to me, I love everything else ever given to me and the people who care enough to be around me (:
  • I really don't know how to answer this, really. I just feel like each I received precious the most. At least someone care to give 'em to me. lol
  • The gift that meant the most is this cute little box that was made by a really good friend. She ironed pictures of Johnny Depp in his various movie/tv roles on the inside and outside, and then put quotes of his inside. It was very meaningful to me, I almost cried when I opened it. She knew exactly what I liked =] Haven't received anything like that since.
  • i can't really think through all of the gifts i've recieved, but it would probably be the guinea-pig that my dad bought me for my birthday, the month before he died:') her name was Pippi, she lived till she was 4, and died 10.10.10:)

  • The best gift I ever received is a typewriter. My boyfriend bought it for my birthday, It is a white typewriter that was made in the 1950s and still works. I've been writng stories since I was little, so I was extremely moved by the gift.

  • Daughter, Amber

  • Picture, love it

  • Radio

  • I'd have to say my promise ring from my boyfriend on my birthday. We've been dating over a year now and I know I sound like some stupid, love struck teenager, but when you can talk about  the future together and not flinch and love being with him and his family, something's different. I guess it doesn't matter lol, he's just like my dad. My mom says I'm screwed lol.
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