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We know you watch them (so do we)—what’s your favorite infomercial?

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  • i remember when i was in the living room doing...something, my mom fell asleep watching tv and it was like 4 am or something and they had an infomercial on big bras.
    and it was probably one of the most awkward things i've listened to. IS YOUR BRA PUTTING A STRAIN ON YOUR BOOBIES THEN YOU NEED THE MEGA BRAAAAA

    nah i'll stick to sports bras i guess? i have this pink one and i swear it's one of the most comfortable things i ever wore i even sleep with it just fine it's great.

  • Optus animal ads are pretty funny!!

  • Any of the Magic Bullet ones. I'm not a huge fan but I will watch those just to see the food they make and the corny-as-hell people in them. They're infamous infomercials lol

  • i think knife infomercials are entertaining. some of the knives are pretty impressive and the infomercials are informative. plus they are always like fifteen different knives plus all the bonus stuff for buying and the life time guarantee.  not to mention some of the stuff the do on them to prove how great their knives are is so silly. who is going to use their kitchen knife to cut dry wall?

    magic bullet is another entertaining one plus i thought it was so funny when they came out with the baby bullet.

    i also like the time life infomercials. they give you a lot of background on the music and also play good music. the cd collections are usually pretty nice and you get a lot of music even though they are a samll fortune to actually buy. i usually stop and watch them same with the knife infomercials and have done so since i was little.

    the more i do this the more i realize i actually watch more infomercials then i thought i did.

  • How old is that T.V.? Look at the picture and think about the question. Try it.

    Check-auditing with L.f

    Automatic_Dater SUBR OFF


  • NINJA! Every effing time, man. I'm laying around, sleepless and drunk and I think...you know, I should get one of those things. Yeah, that'd make my life easier. I could make mixed drinks for parties! Then I realize I hate parties and mixed drinks, so I put down the phone.

  •  Магазин на диване ни разу не смотрела. А вообще реклама нравится любая, так как я её не смотрю. Во время рекламы у меня свободная минутка заварить чайку, перекурить,даже просто сходить в туалет, так что без разницы что там показывают.
  • I think I get what this is talking about - the various trailers etc. that they show on TV channels to advertise their programmes? Anyway, I thought yesterday of one the BBC are showing - it starts with the late Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise singing their classic song, "Bring Me Sunshine", and then it plays over various clips from BBC shows; it's really well done, because it looks like they're all singing the song, plus it's a brilliant, cheerful and uplifting song that I love listening to. And also it has the clip where Victor Meldrew mistakes a dog for his phone and picks it up before realising what he's doing (One Foot in the Grave).

  • THe best infomercial I saw was one I saw recently with Mr. T. It was advertising this Microwave, super Oven thing. I forget what it was called because I too fascinated by the fact that Mr. T was in an infomercial.  I usually don't like infomercials, but this one made my day.
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