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Writer's Block


Do you think there will be a cure for AIDS in your lifetime? Why or why not?

Answers (524)

  • нет

  • Well we certainly have the power to. If everyone used protection during sex, then we could wipe out AIDS purely through using one generation. But of course, not everyone is willing enough to use protection, and there fore it spreads.
    It all started with animal f*cking, so perhaps people should stray away from the animals and just do humans instead
    as many people usually would
    they wouldnt exactly like to be raped by a monkey so why do it to them? 

  • My lifetime? Sure I think they will find a way to cure AIDS. Reason? I just believe they will. :)

  • 100%

  • A cure?  No. Maybe a vaccine.  But I have a feeling that AIDS is like a lot of other diseases in our lifetime.  They can be treated and life can be extended, but they're going to stick around.  We can't outrun the Reaper.  I hate to say this and sound all negative, but we actually need diseases to keep our population in check.  That doesn't help the fact that it might happen to you or someone you care about, though.

  • Maybe? I pray that there will be a cure so no more people have to worry about the cocktail of medications everyday... or even suffer from it in third world countries. PLus technology is advancing so there is a higher percentage there might be a cure one day.

  • I think there may already be a cure that the public isn't privy too. Pharmaceutical companies realize that there is no money in a cure. And if it was made public it would be much too expensive for most to even afford anyway.
  • Personally I believe there is already a cure for it, but if you look at the PROS and CONS of the cure coming public, the CONS is going to win. Look at it this way, if there are say 40 million people will AIDS/HIV and 50% of them are getting treating with medications that cost MONEY... ummmmm....the people that are making this money from 20 million people are going to LOSE MONEY! AIDS/HIV is BIG MONEY...Why would they want to cure it if there is so much money involved. I believe they know where it came from and how to get rid of it...THEY JUST WON'T DO IT...that's billions of dollars people will lose. Just keeping it real folks....
  • Очень надеюсь на это,многим людям это жизненно необходимо.

  • Uskoisin, että Aidsiin tullaan jonain päivänä keksimään parannuskeino. Voisiko kuitenkin olla julma ja sanoa, että tautiin ja sen leviämiseen kannattaisi miettiä keinoja. Enitenhän Aidsia on Afrikassa, jossa ei ehkäisyä käytellä ja Aids leviää. Enemmän valistusta ja Aids- tutkimuksia. Mutta toisaalta mikäli tappavia tauteja ei olisi, olisi riski liikaväestönkasvuun? En toki tiedä asiasta, mutta ehkä Aidsillekin on tarkoituksensa. 
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