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Which book would you want to see turned into a videogame?

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  • бритва дарвина...вот была бы игруха...
  • The Dune trilogy really hasn't had a decent game yet. The ones I've played all suck. Other epic RPGs reference Dune with their deserts and worms and such, but it's not the same. Another thing I'd like to see is Elric. As long as it's nothing like Warlock or Chakan The Forever Man. Those were pretty terrible games. Also, if they could make the Xanth novels into an action game like Zelda, that would be awesome. They've got a computer puzzle game, but it leaves out some of the exciting adventure of the novels. There's a maze filled with crazy monsters in one of the books, and the hero runs from them. It's kind of easy and simple when you're just pointing and clicking. The same goes for escaping harpies, or avoiding magic bolts while sailing down the With A Cookie River or whatever. And you should be able to fight that evil magician guy at the end of the first book.
  • Анжелика Анн и Серж Голон :-)

  • Jeff Abbott's Trust Me .. I think it'd make an interesting videogame 


  • I want to say either the New Kid series or the Year of Rogue Dragons trilogy. Those are two of my favorites that seem like they'd make decent video games. Both offer an array of adversaries as well as a headmaster behind all of the lackeys and a drilling storyline. There are multiple protagonists that one could choose one from to control or set up specific characters for certain areas. As it is, the books switch point of views regularly so that it's not focused on just one character the entire time. So long as the graphics are good and they don't mess with the events from the story much, I wouldn't mind spending my money on such a game.
  • It came to me a few days ago; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, which I am reading right now. It could be 3D, so you could explore all of the undersea environments in the book as much as possible, and it would be a chance to actually see someone's vision of what it would all look like. There probably wouldn't be a lot of adversaries, but you could have to solve various challenges and puzzles; I would play it.

  • Библия

  • Sharpe Series by Bernard Cornwall. It would make a kick ass video game with the right graphics and it would deff have to have Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe like the TV series

  • Ender's Game
    And Then There Were None
    The study series by Maria V. Snyder
    Dealing with Dragons (Wrede) and the rest of the series
    Edgar Allen Poe's short stories would be awesome short horror films

  • Mine! :O
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