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What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

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  • Сделать пластическую операцию и научится бороться за роль не только своим лицом.

  • He's going to cheat on Ginny. With Draco Malfoy. Obviously. What else could he do?
    NO. Ok, that would definitely be cool for me. But well, if Draco and Harry were not meant to be, we have Scorpius and Albus Severus...because I know those two will be in Slytherin....and they'll be BFF and then...ok, I can stop here.

    Slash aside, I think it would be cool if Harry became a writer and decided to write a biography of Severus Snape, to show to all the magical community that he's been THE HERO of the war against Voldemort. Plus, like that Harry could discover some things about his mum.

  • Join Pottermore so that he'll never really stop being Harry Potter and abandon all other aspects of his life purely to devote his time to being Harry Potter because afte 11 years he just cant let it go like that because people are counting on him. Or, of course, he could get another role in a film or pursue the west end as he is doing now. But i like the idea of him completing the first action. Or better yet, as Tom Felton fondly said "Join a Harry Potter rehab where you can sit and pretend to be Draco Malfoy" he was of course referring to himself, but there is one rehab I wouldnt mind visiting frequently. Come to think of it, they should have a Vampire Diaries rehab too, so Damon Salvatore will never leave. And a Twilight rehab, so Jacob Black will never leave. Mind you, i prefer both of those actors to the charactors. I dont care much for the other Twilight characters, except perhaps Ashley Greene since she reminds me of me often - she's relatable, and so it's only right that i feel more connected to her than the others. It would especially sour the mood if Bella Swan was in the Twilight rehab, even though she is the main character. She just gets in the way! I dont understand what it is about these Vampire shows and movies that means the main character has to be so god damn choosy. You'd think that they'd choose the better looking one, but no, they choose the more 'boring, brooding' type. And of course, this is ok - it's their choice - just dont pull along the other lover like a pet or something. It's just not fair. Though i think Twilight justified it somewhat since Jacob fell in love with (Or imprinted) on Bella and Edward's daughter. It's like the Universe or the Werewolf clan saying a big 'screw you' to Bella for hurting Jacob so. And The Vampire Diaries season 2 ended with that somewhat of a downfall kiss between Elena and Damon, so perhaps they're justified also. Then again, she's cheating on the man she 'loves'. And it's funny how when Damon accidently kisses Katherine, thinking she's Elena (Dopplegangers are god damn confusing), and Stefan gets in a rut about it like someone's just said his butt is big or something or other, Elena says, and i quote "That was Katherine. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT" all i could do was scream "LIAR" at the television screen when she puckered up with Damon not too long after. Granted, he was about to die, and she was giving him his dying wish. Well... his dying wish would have been to sleep with her, but they just didnt have the time. I'm pretty sure if Katherine hadnt strutted in there and saved him, that's exactly what they would have done. Still, she's officially a cheater. And you know who'll get the blame? Damon. Because Stefan just cant stand to blame his beloved, cheating, girlfriend. Remind you of someone, Stefan? *ahem* Katherine *ahem* 
    But this is about Harry Potter, as i so often forget
    I'll be seeing the new movie soon! Around my birthday time
    Yes, i know, i'm late at seeing it. But it's the holidays and i have things to do. I'm either out or i'm writing or i'm on the phone or i'm on skype or msn or facebook.
    But mostly, i pre-write things instead of actually writing them on livejournal, because on Saturday and Friday nights and... well pretty much every night really... i have other things to do like enjoy my youth.
    It's wierd, because most people wouldnt believe that i write.
    Most people think that i'm a clever person but not a very 'goody two shoes' person.
    But I still do my school work! I just also have fun
    well... i usually go out until the week before my exam, and then do some light revising. Then on the morning of the exam, i realise i have an exam, and i start revising
    It's obvious i'll fail my exams then -.-
    BUT, i'm not going to go and get my results until school starts
    Result collection two days before my birthday? Oh yeah, that'll go down a treat!
    Though i'm hoping if i'm good, i can go to the end of the year 11 party. You see, i've been invited on numerous occasions. And of course i have that two year older annoying brother who went before me, got completely wasted (since it WAS a piss up, more or less) and comes home with god knows what all over him. Apparently he fell. And was chased by a cow. Or was it a horse? I remember my other friend that was in year 11 was chased by a horse at the piss-up. I think it's in a secluded area near a country side or something. Since, not everyone in year 11 is sixteen, and you dont want police showing up, especially since there are no adults
    And of course, my brother has told my mum not to let me go just to annoy me. I then follow this up with sweet talk to my mum to bring her over to my side, and then chased my brother with a broom.
    i get so easily distracted its unreal
    gahhh i'm supposed to be getting ready -.-
    i've saved this week and the last week of holidays to go out every single day, morning to night
    because it's fun and stuff
    and i actually woke up at 6:30 today
    you know why?
    to do the one thing more important to me than sleep
    Internet Shopping
    Yes, the make-up website called with all it's make-up brands that you cant get here
    And all the other pretty clothes websites called
    my paypal account is now thoroughly exhausted
    well... my mother's paypal account
    BUT YOU KNOW, it's not my account, so i dont need to worry about it
    I want to do some real shopping though. It's been two days since i went on a shopping spree and i feel the urge to splurge again
    My father was supposed to give me £2000, since my brother got £2000 not so long ago, but he hasnt given me that yet.
    I think i might just take his credit card instead and go up to Oxford street
    i was thinking of buying my prom dress from America as well - they have a lot more designers so i can get a custom made dress, and they have a lot more designer brands so if the custom made dress doesnt go to plan, i can just buy one
    I've bought three prom dresses so far. I want to keep my options open. My parents dont see the point in me buying about 10 prom dresses over time just so i can have choices when it would be easier to just buy it when i needed it, but what if i never came across a dress like that again?! I'd wallow in the misery of it all
    Then of course, my mother saw no point in buying them early also because she doesnt know why i bought a dress size in a size smaller than i am already (size four in the UK, size zero in America), when i dont know what size i'll be in year 11.
    i laughed at that
    WELL OF COURSE i dont know what size i'll be in year 11!
    Nonetheless, i bought a size four dress (well, three now), so that i can hang them up next to my cycling machine and just stare at them whilst i'm cycling on the same spot as if i'm cycling towards a size four!
    I'll be damned if i go to prom as a size 6. In the UK, up to size 12 is acceptable.
    but i know size 12 people (one person in particular) and i WILL be three sizes smaller than her (though it's funny because my bra size is a lot larger than hers even though her body is on the large side), because then i can look at her and say HA, YOU B.TCH, THATS WOTCHA GET FOR TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE FOR A YEAR
    she thinks she's one of those american girls in the movies
    first of all, she's asian. i'm not being racist, because i'm asian too. i'm simply saying - there arent many asian girls in those america high school movies.
    second, she's a little podgy. and that's being nice
    third, she permanently wears puffy eyes (i dont even know why she has those i mean good god woman sort it out. i was actually scared the first time i met her - i thought she had an allergic reaction)
    fourth, her lips are so damn pouty they're like fishie lips. You see, full lips and fish lips are different. I have full lips. Jessica Alba has full lips. Various other celebrities have full lips. Pete burns has fish lips. that size 12 girl, has fish lips
    the only difference is, she was born with it
    she just doesnt know how to sieze it
    i sieze my imperfections like i'm seizing my laboutins, or my jimmie choos. oh, those jimmie choos. i feel like crying when i look at their prettiness
    but that's beyond the point
    where were we? oh yes
    fourth - she's sad. no really, she's sad sad sad, not popular at all
    You know how all of this started?
    This footballer sits next to me in every class that he's with me in, and he's like really hot. sooo it's natural i start liking him
    But that B.TCH, likes him too
    so i sit there talking about how gorgeous he is and she finds out he and i are best friends
    good god woman!
    and then she goes on this rampage where she's telling all the populars all this dirt about me
    and she's thinking my friends believe her more than me
    so i go up to them and tell them it's not true
    that's a basic overview. i say she thinks she's an american b.tch because the situation really was like the stuff you see on american TV. and england is tamer than america so me no understando where all of that came from.
    but i mean, i wont lie, i did one step worser than her
    i "accidently" (and i mean accidently) let slip some stuff about her. and now all the populars know about it
    but i say onestep worse because she's blissfully unaware. so she'll never be able to fix it or tell them it's not true
    But you know why they believed me over her?!
    you just dont do that
    i mean if she was pretty it'd be more acceptable - he trying to be a girl from mean girls
    ok well i've completely derailed so i'm going to go get ready, and talk to you guys later
    p.s. pedophiles and lesbians - i got nothing against you (Well nothing against lesbians anyway. pedophiles i kinda dislike), but please save yourself some time and refrain from commenting
    and i say this because i've had comments on here by pedos/lesbians who think that i'm up for things with them that i'm clearly not

  • Спать спокойно
  • Become The New Defense Against The Arts Teacher thinking he's immune and Fall Victim to the Curse.
  • have babies and die the non epic way with aa fire crotch wife, no matter what though he will likely be breathing.

  • I guess make a sequel maybe.  Their kids are gonna have an adventure on their own with the help of their parents.  Dont know if this will happen though

  • Sit down on a really comfortable couch with a huge pop corn bowl (plus a can of cola?) and review everything all over again while television showing something not one bit interesting like his life.
  • Лечением от алкоголизма...

  • Since I just saw the 8th movie... Harry should totally get a new girlfriend! Ginny was a terrible character creating as much excitement as watching grass grow. I think he will also retire with riches and fame. Obviously. Live in the muggle world perhaps and torment Dudley.

    P.S. I personally thought the ending of the movie was just... uneventful and boring. Glad it is over. My favorite movies are definitely more like The Prisoner of Azkaban or The Goblet of Fire.... Much better. The books are still better than the movies. They include so much more that the movies didn't show.
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