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What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

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  • Последний мною просмотренный зарубежный фильм это Артист. Посмотрела его ради любопытства, уж очень много о нем говорили. С первых минут фильм заинтриговал и привязал к себе... Игра актеров просто уникальна и реально стоит полученных ими наград! Не смотря на отсутствие голосовой озвучки, фильм шикарен! Музыка настолько четко и качественно подобрана что пару треков просто скачала для домашних)) а по поводу ремейка.. ну не знаю на самом деле мне кажется любая попытка его переснять будет не такой качественной. Поэтому я против ремейков
  • One of them is wings of desire which unfortunately DID get remade in america and i hear is horrible so i wont even touch it with a ten foot pole.... sorry nick cage >_>;

    Think that if also my wife's a gangster (kr) would get remade it'd be so bad that i'd prob have to curl up into a ball and cry for the death of such a hilariously good film....
  • "Ва-банк"
  • I have some favorite foreign films like Edward's scissorhands or 500 days of summer, but they are american, so they don't need a remake ^^. But, one of my favorite film is italian : Life is beautiful. I find this movie so awesome, Roberto Benigni is just kinda genius *o*. Do a movie speaking about concentration camp, 2nd World War and all this stuff should be very hard. This movie is too perfect, do an American remake should be a bad thing, i think. I don't understand why American always want to do remakes... I just remember another movie which I love so much, hong-kong movie : In the mood for love, and American remake is the worse idea ever ! è_é American director can't understand Asian director's mind, point of view and all the asian movies charms according to me.

  • I have recently started enjoying foreign films. Granted, I've only seen a few, but I really enjoy watching French films. I think my favorite one so far is La Vie En Rose. I love it! Such a powerful, emotional movie and I cried. While it does get extremely tiring to have to read throughout the movie, I find that it also helps you learn a few words in a different language.

    I don't think foreign films should be remade. When you remake a film that another country has put so much effort into, it really takes away from it. That and it's just another excuse for America to be lazy. They don't want to have to read subtitles so they figure that it's better to make it American so they won't have to worry about it.

    There's just too much beauty that can be destroyed by taking a foreign film and Americanizing it. While I do admit, I prefer watching English dubbed animes, but when it comes to films, I like to take them a little more seriously.

  • Battle Royal, sick film.

  • I really like Japanese movies. My favorite non-animated films are Rashomon, Because I read the story and liked it, and Kikujiro. My favorite animated films are Princess Mononoki, Spirited away and Gin'iro no kami no agito.

  • The Cowboy Bebop movie, of course! I haven't seen all the Tenchi movies, and I should. It would amuse me to see an American live-action remake of Tenchi. I don't know who you could possibly cast in it.
  • My favorite foreign film would have to be hands down a movie called Bichunmoo. It's a Korean flick and this would come as a surprise to many people who know that I am an avid Jackie Chan fan. Though I love his movies like no other if I would have to choose one movie over his it would begrudgingly be Bichunmoo. As far as there being an American remake? Hands down hell no. Hollywood fucks up many a good foreign flick and they should keep their dirty little monkey paws off this film the damn dirty apes.

  • Послезавтра. Мой самый любимый фильм. И не только среди зарубежных фильмов. Наверное, каждый фильм должен существовать лишь в одном обличии. Не стоит создавать множество антологий...это слишком громоздко.
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