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  • In the summer of 1966, and even the north face outlet the north face clearance   more after the elections that fall, all the foreign and domestic conflicts were apparent in the deliberations of the U.S. Senate. When I went to  ugg boots wholesale wholesale ugg boots   work there, the Senate was full of big personalities and high drama. I tried to absorb it all. The president pro tempore, Carl Hayden of Arizona, had been in Congress since his state Uggs Factory Outlet Uggs Outlet Online    entered the Union in 1912 and in the Senate for forty years. He was bald, gaunt, almost skeletal. Senator Fulbrights brilliant speechwriter Seth Tillman once ugg boots clearance ugg boots clearance price   cracked that Carl Hayden was the only ninety-year-old man in the world who looks twice his age. The Senate majority leader, Mike Mansfield of Montana, had enlisted to fight in World War I at fifteen, then ugg boots outlet ugg boots clearance uggs outlet   had become a college professor with a specialty in Asian affairs. He held the post of majority leader for sixteen years, until 1977, when President Carter appointed him ambassador to Japan. Mansfield was a fitness fanatic who uggs for cheap ugg Boots Overstock ugg Boots Cheap   walked five miles a day well into his nineties. He was also a genuine liberal and, behind his taciturn faade, something of a wit. He had been born in 1903, two years before Senator Fulbright, and lived to be ninety-eight. Ugg Australia Outlet ugg boots clearance   Shortly after I became President, Mansfield had lunch with Fulbright. When he asked Fulbright his age and Fulbright said he was uggs clearance ugg boots wholesale  eighty-seven, Mansfield replied, Oh, to be eighty-seven again.  http://contact.me/index.php/blogs/2590/100027/with-his-head-wholesale-ugg-boot

  • Election day, November 5, the north face outlet the north face clearance    was also Guy Fawkes Day in England, the observance of his attempt to burn down Parliament in 1605. My diary says: Everyone in England celebrates the occasion; some because Fawkes failed, some because he tried. That night we Americans had an election-watch party at Rhodes House. The largely pro-Humphrey crowd was cheering him on. We went to bed not knowing what happened, but we did know that ugg boots wholesale wholesale ugg boots Uggs Factory Outlet    Fulbright had won handily, a relief, since he had prevailed in the primary over Jim Johnson and two little-known contenders with only 52 percent of the vote. A great cheer went up at Rhodes House when his victory was announced.

    On November 6, we learned that Nixon had won and that, as I wrote, Uncle Raymond and his cronies carried Arkansas for Wallace, our first deviation from the national (Democratic) ticket since achieving statehood in 1836. . . . I must send my ten dollars to Uncle Uggs Outlet Online ugg boots clearance ugg boots clearance price    Raymond, for I bet him last November that Arkansas, the most liberal of the Southern states, would never go for Wallace, which just goes to show how wrong these pseudo-intellectuals can be! (Pseudo-intellectual was a favorite Wallace epithet for anyone with a college degree who disagreed with him.) I noted that, unlike the South Vietnamese government, I was terribly disappointed that after all ugg boots outlet ugg boots clearance uggs outlet     that has occurred, after Humphreys remarkable recovery, it has come to the end I sensed last January: Nixon in the White House.

    Adding insult to injury, my absentee ballot never arrived and I missed my first chance to vote for President. The county clerk had mailed it by surface mail, not airmail. It was cheaper but it took three weeks, arriving long after the election.

    The next day, I got back to my life. I called Mother, who had by then decided to marry Jeff Dwire and was so blissfully happy she made me feel good, uggs for cheap ugg Boots Overstock ugg Boots Cheap    too. And I mailed that ten-dollar check to Uncle Raymond, suggesting that the United States establish a national George Wallace Day, similar to Guy Fawkes Day. Everyone could celebrate: some because he ran for President, the rest of us because he ran so poorly.

    The rest of the month was a blizzard of activity that pushed politics and Vietnam to the back of my brain for a while. One Friday, Rick Stearns and I hitchhiked Ugg Australia Outlet ugg boots clearance  and rode buses to Wales and back, while Rick read Dylan Thomas poems to me. It was the first time I had heard Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night. I loved it, and love it still when brave souls rage against the dying of the light.

    I also took several trips with Tom Williamson. Once we decided to do a role reversal on the bad stereotypes of subservient blacks and racist southern uggs clearance ugg boots wholesale   overlords. When the nice English driver stopped to pick us up, Tom said, Boy, get in the backseat. Yes suh, I replied. The English driver thought we were nuts. http://i.sohu.com/p/=v2=MNYxBzc20TUzTNOxYS5jb20=/blog/view/191426767.htm

  • We thought McGovern had enough votes to win on the first ballot if he could weather the challenge to the the north face outlet the north face clearance  California delegation. The new McGovern rules required each state with a primary election to apportion its delegates as closely as possible to the percentage of votes they got. However, California still had a winner-take-all system and was asserting its right to keep it because the state legislature hadnt changed its election law by convention time. Ironically, McGovern favored ugg boots wholesale wholesale ugg boots Uggs Factory Outlet   the California system over his own rules because he had won the primary with 44 percent of the votes but had all of the states 271 delegates pledged to him. The anti-McGovern forces argued that McGovern was a hypocrite and that the convention should seat only 44 percent, or 120 delegates, for him, with the other 151 being pledged to the other candidates in proportion to their share of the California primary vote. The Credentials Committee of Uggs Outlet Online ugg boots clearance ugg boots clearance price  the convention was anti-McGovern and voted to uphold the California challenge, seating only 120 of his delegates, and putting his first-ballot victory in doubt.
    The Credentials Committees decisions could be overturned by a majority of the convention delegates. The McGovern forces wanted to do that with California. So did the South Carolina delegation, ugg boots outlet ugg boots clearance uggs outlet  which was in danger of losing its votes because it had also been found in violation of the rules; only 25 percent of the delegation were women, rather than the required half. McGovern was nominally against the South Carolina position because of that underrepresentation.
    What happened next was complicated and not worth going into detail about. Essentially, Rick Stearns decided that we uggs for cheap ugg Boots Overstock ugg Boots Cheap should lose the South Carolina vote, bind our opponents to a procedural rule that benefited our challenge; then we would win the California vote. It worked. The South Carolina delegation was seated, and our opponents smelled victory. But by the time they realized they had been tricked, Ugg Australia Outlet ugg boots clearance  it was too late; we picked up all 271 delegates and clinched the nomination. The California challenge was probably the greatest example of political jujitsu at a party convention since primary elections became the dominant mode of selecting delegates. As Ive said, Rick Stearns was a genius on uggs clearance ugg boots wholesale  the rules. I was elated. Now McGovern was virtually guaranteed a first-ballot victory, and the folks from South Carolina, whom I had come to like a lot, could stay.
    Alas, it was all downhill from there. McGovern entered the convention well behind but still within striking distance of President Nixon in the opinion polls, and we expected to pick up five or six points during the week, thanks to several days of intense media coverage. Getting that kind of bounce, however, http://i.sohu.com/p/=v2=MNYxBzc20TUzTNOxYS5jb20=/blog/view/190833673.htm
    http://i.sohu.com/p/=v2=MNYxBzc20TUzTNOxYS5jb20=/blog/view/190833928.htm requires the kind of disciplined control of events our forces had demonstrated with the delegate challenges. For some reason, it evaporated after that. First, a gay-rights group staged a sit-in at McGoverns hotel and refused to budge until he met with them. When he did, the media and the Republicans portrayed it as a cave-in that made him look both weak and too liberal.
  • I started my job for McGovern in Washington, first checking in with Lee Williams and my other friends on Senator Fulbrights staff, then going to see Congressman Wilbur Mills, the powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Mills, who was a Washington legend for his detailed knowledge of the tax code and his skill in running his committee, had announced that he would be Arkansas favorite son candidate at the Miami convention. Such candidacies were usually launched in the hope of preventing a states delegation from voting for the front-runner, although back then a favorite son occasionally thought lightning might strike and he would at least wind up on the ticket as the vice-presidential nominee. In Millss case, his candidacy served both the north face outlet the north face clearance    purposes. The Arkansas Democrats thought McGovern, who was far ahead in the delegate count, was sure to be trounced at home in the general election, and Mills doubtless thought he would be a better President. Our meeting was cordial. I told Chairman Mills that I expected  ugg boots wholesale wholesale ugg boots   the delegates to be loyal to him but that I would be working them to get their support on important procedural votes and on a second ballot if Senator McGovern needed one.

    After the Mills meeting I flew to Columbia, South Carolina, to meet as many of the convention delegates Uggs Factory Outlet Uggs Outlet Online    there as possible. Many were sympathetic to McGovern, and I thought they would help us on crucial votes, despite the fact that their credentials were subject to challenge on the grounds that the delegation did not have as much racial, gender, and age diversity as the new rules written by the McGovern Commission required.

    Before Miami, I also went to the Arkansas Democratic Convention in Hot Springs to court my home-state ugg boots clearance ugg boots clearance price   delegates. I knew that Governor Bumpers, who would chair the delegation in Miami, thought McGovern would hurt the Democrats in Arkansas, but as in South Carolina, a lot of the delegates were anti-war and pro-McGovern. I left for Miami feeling pretty good about both the delegations I was working.

    At the convention in mid-July, the major candidates had their headquarters in hotels around Miami and Miami Beach, but their operations were run out of trailers outside the Convention Center. ugg boots outlet ugg boots clearance   The McGovern trailer was overseen by Gary Hart as national campaign manager, with Frank Mankiewicz as national political director and public spokesman, and my friend Rick Stearns as the director of research and caucus state operations. Rick knew more about the rules than anyone uggs outlet uggs for cheap ugg Boots Overstock   else. Those of us who were working the delegations were on the floor, following instructions from the trailer. The McGovern campaign had come a long way, thanks to an array of committed volunteers, Harts leadership, Mankiewiczs handling of the press, and Stearnss strategizing. With their help, McGovern had outfought and outpolled  ugg Boots Cheap Ugg Australia Outlet ugg boots clearance   politicians who were more established, more charismatic, or both: Hubert Humphrey; Ed Muskie; Mayor John Lindsay of New York, who had switched parties to run; Senator Henry Jackson of Washington State; and George Wallace, who was paralyzed by a would-be assassins bullet during the campaign. Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm of  uggs clearance ugg boots wholesale  New York also ran, becoming the first African-American to do so.http://i.sohu.com/p/=v2=MNYxBzc20TUzTNOxYS5jb20=/blog/view/190833673.htm


    I enjoyed writing the north face outlet north face outlet the north face clearance    exams, which I hoped would be interesting, challenging, and fair. In the accounts Ive read of my teaching years, my grading has been questioned, with the implication that I was too easy, the north face outlet store north face outlet store ugg boots wholesale   either because I was too soft or too eager not to offend potential supporters when I ran for office. At Yale, the only grades were Honors, Pass, or Fail. It was usually pretty hard to get Honors and virtually impossible to fail. At many other law schools, especially wholesale uggs Uggs Factory Outlet uggs factory store Uggs Factory Outlet Uggs Outlet Store   those where the admissions standards were more lax, the grading tended to be tougher, with the expectation that 20 to 30 percent of a class should fail. I didnt agree with that. If a student got a bad grade, I always felt like a failure too, for not having  Uggs Factory Store Uggs Outlet Online ugg boots clearance ugg boots clearance price  engaged his or her interest or effort. Almost all the students were intellectually capable of learning enough to get a C. On the other hand, I thought a good grade should mean something. In ugg boots on clearance leopard print ugg boots australia official ugg clearance sale ugg boots outlet    my big classes, ranging from fifty to ninety students, I gave two or three As and about the same number of Ds. In one class of seventy-seven, I gave only one A, and only once did I flunk a student. Usually the students who were going to flunk would withdraw uggs outlet clearance ugg boots on outlet ugg boots on clearance uggs outlet    rather than risk an F. In two smaller classes, I gave more As because the students worked harder, learned more, and deserved them.

    Although the University of Arkansas law schools first black students had entered twenty-five years earlier, it was not until  uggs for cheap Nike High Heels Nike High Heels  the early seventies that a substantial number of them finally began to enter state law schools across the South. Many were not well prepared, especially those whose education had been confined to poor segregated schools. ugg Boots Overstock ugg Boots Cheap Ugg Australia Outlet   About twenty black students took my courses between 1973 and 1976, and I got to know the others. Almost all of them were working very hard. They wanted to succeed, and several of them lived under enormous emotional pressure because they were afraid they couldnt make it. Sometimes their fears were justified. Ill never ugg boots clearance uggs clearance ugg boots wholesale   forget reading one black students exam paper with a mixture of disbelief and anger. I knew he had studied like a demon and understood the material, but his exam didnt show it. The right answers were in there, but finding them required digging through piles of misspelled words, bad grammar, and poor north face clearance   sentence construction. An As worth of knowledge was hidden in the bushes of  uggs wholesale wholesale ugg boots  an F presenta-tion, flawed by things he hadnt learned going all the way back to elementary school. I gave him a B-, corrected the grammar and spelling, and decided to set up tutoring sessions to help

  • When we woke up the next morning, Hillary and I knew I had jumped into another pit Id have to dig myself  UGGS Factory Outlet UGGS Outlet Store UGGS Factory Store  out of. I had no idea how to begin, except to laugh at myself. My first public response was: It wasnt my finest hour. It wasnt even my finest hour and a half. I kept my game face on, but I promised myself I would never again abandon my own instincts about a speech. And except for a brief moment in my speech to  UGGS Outlet Online ugg boots clearance ugg boots clearance price   Congress on health care in 1994, I didnt.

    I was never so glad to get back home in my life. Arkansans were mostly supportive. My paranoid supporters  ugg boots on clearance leopard print ugg boots australia official ugg clearance sale   thought Id been set up by somebody. Most people just thought Id sacrificed my normal spark and spontaneity to the shackles of a written speech. Robert Say McIntosh, a volatile black restaurateur with whom Id had an on-again, off-again relationship, rose to my defense, slamming the media  ugg boots outlet uggs outlet clearance ugg boots on outlet    coverage and hosting a free lunch at the state Capitol for anyone who turned in a postcard or letter hitting back at one of my national media critics. More than five hundred people showed up. I got about seven hundred letters on the speech, 90 percent of them positive. Apparently the people who wrote ugg boots on clearance uggs outlet uggs for cheap Nike High Heels   them had all heard the speech on radio or watched it on CBS, where Dan Rather at least waited until it was over to get his digs in.

    A day or so after I returned, I got  Nike High Heels UGG Boots Overstock  a call from my friend Harry Thomason, producer of the successful TV show Designing Women, which his wife, Linda Bloodworth, wrote. Harry was the brother of Danny Thomason, who sang next to me in the church choir. Hillary and I had gotten to know him and Linda in my first term when he came back to Arkansas to film  UGG Boots Cheap ugg boots clearance uggs clearance  a Civil War television movie, The Blue and the Gray. Harry told me I could make silk out of this sows ear, but I had to move fast. He suggested I go on the Johnny Carson show and poke fun at myself. I was still shell-shocked and told him I needed a day to think about it. Carson had been having a field day with the speech in his monologues. One of his more memorable lines was The speech went over about as well as a Velcro condom. But there really wasnt much to considerI couldnt end up any worse off than I already was. The next day I called Harry and asked him to try to set up the Carson appearance. Carson normally didnt invite politicians on the show, but apparently he made an exception because I was too good a punching bag to pass up, and because I agreed to play the sax, which he could use as an excuse to keep his ban at least on nonmusical politicians. The sax argument was Harrys idea, not the last clever one he would think up for me.

  •  The scene made UGGS Factory Outlet UGGS Outlet Store UGGS Factory Store    Luther smile. It reinforced his wisdom, made him proud of his decision to simply avoid the whole mess.
    He shuffled along,  UGGS Outlet Online ugg boots clearance ugg boots clearance price ugg boots on clearance   filling his haughty lungs with the cool air, happy that for the first time in his life he was eliminating the dreaded ritual of the tree trimming. Two doors down he stopped and watched  leopard print ugg boots australia official ugg clearance sale ugg boots outlet uggs outlet clearance the Frohmeyer clan assault an eight-foot spruce. Mr. Frohmeyer had brought two kids to the marriage. Mrs. Frohmeyer had arrived with three of her own, after which they produced another, making six, the eldest of which was no more than twelve. The entire  ugg boots on outlet ugg boots on clearance uggs outlet  brood was hanging ornaments and tinsel. At some point during every December Luther overheard one of the neighborhood women comment on just how awful the Frohmeyer tree looked. As if he cared.
    Awful or not, they were uggs for cheap Nike High Heels Nike High Heels   certainly having a wonderful time draping it with tacky decorations. Frohmeyer did research at the university, $110,000 a year was the rumor, but with six kids there wasn't much to show for it. Their tree would be the last to come down after New Year's.
    Luther turned around  UGG Boots Overstock UGG Boots Cheap ugg boots clearance uggs clearance and headed home. At the Beckers', Ned was on the sofa with an icepack on his shoulder, Jude hovering over him, lecturing with her finger. The ladder was on its side, being inspected by the mother-in-law. Whatever the cause of the fall, there was no doubt that all blame would be placed on poor Ned.
    Great, thought Luther. Now I'll have to listen to details of another ailment for the next four months. Come to think of it, Ned Becker had fallen off that ladder before, five maybe six years earlier. Crashed into the tree and knocked the whole thing oven Broke Jude's keepsake ornaments. She'd pouted for a year.
    What madness, thought Luther.
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