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Writer's Block

No. 1 hits

Which is your favorite classic Beatles’ song, and why?

Answers (671)

  • Here there and everywhere.
    Потому что это песня Пола. Потому что Пола я безмерно люблю :)
    И потому что от нее веет спокойным счастьем.

  • Most Rock & Rock in 50-60s bands had there influence in Blues thanks to Elvis Influence . Beatles was one such band that being said most of myt Beatles faves are from Buble Gum Pop Era before there destined meeting with Dylan . But my favorite track musically speaking is there electric jazz/ blues number Get Back (http://youtu.be/pdBnNzQz67A)
  • I love eleanor rigby. just thinking about all of the people alone in the world, it's just a crazy thing.

  • Mine, I think, is "I wanna Hold Your Hand', because, though I'll admit I'm not a HUGE Beatles fan like I know so many are, I liked that one. It's cutesy, and not ridiculous.
  • "Yellow Submarine" - патамушта Ринго!!! :)
  • Моя - "My guitar". :)
  • "With a Little Help from My Friends." Simple, catchy, and sung by the drummer Ringo Starr. Plus the fact that I played this via guitar in music class back in middle school. :)

  •  My Father's grey truck blended into the landscape as it crawled over the San Sebastian bridge.

     The traffic had transformed a fifteen minute errand into a half hour excursion.  

     I was buckled into the passenger seat, a bruise weaving pain into my shin.

     I was in the middle of middle school. 

     A soon to be teenager, high on my own idealism.

     The weather, the traffic, nor the injury deterred my optimism.

     "If this was the present," I thought to myself "my future HAD to be better."

     The radio stumbled onto "Eleanor Rigby" and I was catapulted into Beatlemania.

     A love for the Beatle's Music initiated me into a love for self-expression and a love for myself.   

    I read voraciously,
    wrote prolifically, 
    and diligently practiced
    music and drama.

     However, eventually,

    I could not hit the right note,

     in music, acting or writing. 

    An infestation of self-loathing

    rotted away any talent. 

    I became possessed by insecurities,

    and slaughtered my beloved ideas, dreams and optimism.

    When I hear "Eleanor Rigby" I am reminded of an era when I thrived to the rhythm of hope.

  • "Yellow Submarine"

    Listening to it makes my happy.
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