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What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie or character, and why?

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  • It's just a shame he wasn't cast as The Great Gazoo in the live-action Flintstones movie. It would have been the role of a lifetime.
  • I have never enjoyed Tom Hanks performances. Every role he plays, it seems to be Tom Hanks saying the words of a different person while still being Tom Hanks. There is one movie of his I have not seen (and will not see because the subject matter is painful for me) which friends have said include actual acting by Mr. Hanks: Philadelphia. His winning an Oscar for it, I suspect, was not for actual acting but for playing the lead in a groundbreaking, highly controversial film.

  • Tom Hanks, a great actor! I will watch any movie if I know that it is Tom Hanks. "Forrest Gump" by far one of favorite movies. Why? Because the protagonist of this film is not like everything. He sincere and genuine. I remember a lot of time frames and phrases from the movie. My favorite phrase: "I just ran."
    This edinsvtenny film that I did not delete from my library.

  • My favorite Tom Hanks movie or character is... obviously Forrest Gump. That movie is one of my all-time favorites. Just the irony of him being at all of these historical events is funny. Also, it really shows that the simplest of people really have a sense of... contentment? about the world. I mean, Forrest even says that he is not a smart man... however he is happy. HAPPY. How many people can actually say that they are happy? And that is what I love about his character. He takes what is given to him. And he is happy. He may not understand or know what to do all the time... but is that really the point of life? No... Accepting the world and being happy is all that matters. No one can change the world. No one can stop war or hunger or anything. The important thing is to find your Jenny, never let her go, and live your life. And you will be HAPPY. Like Forrest.
  • Back on LJ after a long, long time (and despite being under the influence of an awful cold)... The bizarre phenomenon with Tom Hanks is that when I first discovered him in Forrest Gump, I really, really adored him in that role. But I find myself, since some years, liking his roles less and less each time - I think that I am having a huge bias on his so obviously receding hairline and the fact that he was chosen for the Da Vinci Code (it's not that I particularly like DB's books - they are so over hyped - but Tom Hanks really, really doesn't fit the image I had of Robert Langdon!). Anyways, that said, the imprint he left in me with Forrest Gump will forever stay with me. The film was magnificent and still now, I consider it one of the best films I've ever seen - a true symbol of cinema at its most brilliant (and also, sadly, a symbol of a cinematographic era gone!). So, arigato Mr. Hanks for giving us Forrest Gump!!!

  • It definitely is Forrest Gump. That movie, that is one of the most feel good movies ever, still can make you a little bit sad and curious, and cause a deep thinking and feeling. That is movie for every mood, that can never get out of style.
  • Title of the Writer's Block says it all. It's one of those unique movies that makes the star's signature movie. He was also great in Philadelphia and the Toy Story trilogy.
  • OMG... this is so hard. I don't know which to pick. I've loved all the ones that he's done. I can break it down into genres I suppose... Romantic Comedy: Sleepless in Seattle Comedy: Forest Gump Drama: Erg... It's a tie between Saving Private Ryan and Philadelphia Suspense: Apollo 13 Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I haven't seen Larry Crowne? (That's the new one that came out, I think). I don't remember Splash or Joe vs the Volcano

  • 2 of them;
    DaVinci Code because it was nice to see him put on the adventure cap and play it totally serious with an in depth character.
    Bachelor Party because it's roots Tom Hanks, before he was a tear jerker love lead, before he tried dark comedy and before Big, this is the Tom Hanks that I think of as the real Tom Hanks, able to be wild, but a smart savvy character, not totally in depth, but enough to carry a movie around 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • My favorite Tom Hanks characters are Jimmy Dugan from "A League of their Own." He was just hilarious - a drunken has-been of a baseball player coaching a group of a womens' baseball team that hollers at his players and scratches himself (the only proof that he was alive), this was one of his best comedic roles. :-)
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