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Which comic book character would you like to see on the silver screen? Who would you cast to play the role?

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  • It would be refreshing to not see ANY more comic book characters in the movies for a while.  Really, its like they used up all the good ones and they moved on to the stupid ones.  Why is Hollywood only producing movies that are really incarnations of successful work, anyway?  I would like to see a movie that wasn't based on a best seller, nor an old cartoon, nor an old superhero.... etc...
  • hmm I suppose The Flash or Wonder Woman. Not really sure who I'd cast though. I can kinda see Catherine Zeta Jones as Wonder Woman.

  • Sabertooth. He is a maniac and since so many movies are all about stupid killers anyways I can see Victor Creed being a killer (pardon the pun) movie char.

    I would like to say Leiv Scriber but I don't think he has enough... rage in him to do the part justice. I enjoyed Tyler Mane's Sabertooth more than Leiv's and i love Leiv's acting.  Hmmm. I gotta think on the who thing.


  • Bud Boy by Ryoko Shito. And if I'm ok to cast I'd try Yuki-chan.

  • Scott Pilgrim cast by Michael Cera....

    Oh wait...
  • While technically not a superhero comic, my first choice for film adaptation would be the Zooniverse series. Rendering that in film form would do wonders for making it easier to understand. If it has to be a superhero comic, I would want someone to film Ectokid and Hyperkind. I'd also like to see a Guy and His G'nort movie. My second choice would be Warriors of Plasm. Also, Super Fly, that Image comic about the guy in the bumblebee suit, would be interesting to see in film. I think Bucky O' Hare would also be a great movie if they make it drastically different than Star Wars. The same goes for Space Beaver. Both could use some big revisions.
  • Какого персонажа комиксов вы бы хотели увидеть на голубом экране? Кого бы вы выбрали на его роль? Ответ.Выбрала бы Бастер Китона.
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