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If you could have a power that helps you with day-to-day living, like the ability to always get a seat on the bus, what would choose, and why?

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  • I have a Power that helps me with every detail, every day (and if I need a seat on the bus, He'll help me with that, too). The blood that Jesus shed for me Way back on Calvary The blood that gives me strength From day to day It will never lose its power.
  • I think I would choose to make people slide off doing or saying to me whatever it is that they were trying to do or say. Like they'd want to, but as they moved to do it, they'd suddenly be doing something else, a bit like how Muggles respond to looking at a magical place in Harry Potter, or what I thought of first, the the SEP fields in Douglas Adams' books. Yes I'm aware that this can be viewed as taking their free will away. Well Í often feel like my free will has been taken away, even if only indirectly and not literally, so who cares. I'll just have to trust that I wouldn't be any worse than anyone else without such a power. I'd like to be able to make someone leave off if they were to, say, comment about my appearance or find something weird about whatever I'm doing. Edited to say that I just read someone's anwser. While I won't change mine because I feel that I need something to help me deal with the things above, I really would love the ability to read and speak fluently (for every region) every language. I would finally be able to read and watch whatever I like, and not wait around/hoping for a translation that would never truly capture everything about the original.
  • Ability to fluently speak (with accent according to region), read and write any language. Including dead ones like latin and sanskrit. Because it'd be hella useful and with it I can easily travel to other countries without making myself look like an uncultured jackass. I can listen in to peoples conversations and finally confirm the suspicions when someone talks smack about someone in their native language; and have the smug satisfaction of telling someone off when they do said smack talk. Plus I can read my doujinshi without having to slave over finding a scanlation.
  • Stopping time or understanding (including speaking, reading and writing) every language in a fluency down to regional accent.

  • Being able to fly because I could get places faster.

  • Однозначно возможность телепортироваться. Не люблю транспорт, тем более общественный, тем более тонны железа не понятно как взлетающие в небо и не понятно как падающие, либо тонны железа идущие по воде, а потом тонущие.

  • Hmm.. thats hard. Probably the power of time travel. That'd be so cool, I could go back to the medieval times!!

  • I'd totally love to be able to shower very quickly !
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