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If you had to relocate to another city, what would you miss most about the place you're leaving behind.

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  • well,it is really hard for me,cos I had the same situation just two months ago and moved into another city.However,I have never imagined to leave the original city cos I love it so much and have some emotion there and also a lot of friends there,so I really do not know whether it is right to leave that city,now I missed my friends there and some guys who had some stories with me, I really do not know a lot of things.I ever had a plan but at last all the realities will beat me back and reminds me that is is not correct to do in that way or you just have to give up something.maybe it is just the process to grow up and you have to make some decisions to change your life and your career,nobody can help except yourself.
    maybe I will think something about my current life,it is like the joey's saying:how are you doing? I think it is not bad at least I can survive and make some changes.Life should be like this.
  • Maybe the four seasons.
  • По духу города.
    У каждого города есть душа, как и у человека. Поэтому бы я скучала именно по его духу.
  • The people I got to know. St Cloud is not the most happening place in the world, but around here there seems to be stuff that's within reach. The Cities aren't that far away.
  • The only thing in the town I'm currently in that I would miss would be our house. I love our familie's home.... our town the home is in... not so much.

  • the heat
  • My car, the freedom, the convenience, the cleanliness, my family.
  • The guy I fell for and the pretty calm safe atmosphere.

  • Family for sure.
    I think I could replace everything else, potentially. 
    Things such as familiarity are easy to replace, family is impossible (unless they moved with me).
    Also, I enjoy the difference in landscape in the area I live in, it being forested and very city like as well.

  • I will miss peoples live around me.
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