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Is there anything you did when you were younger that makes you laugh or blush when you remember it?

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  • Да был случай в моей жизни!!!! 1996 г. -мне 16 лет!! мы с моим другом Сашей на кону не Н.Г.!! познакомились с девчонками, которые нас на 3 года старше и пригласили их на Н.Г.!! праздновать к нашему товарищу Антону!! у которого родители уехали на новый год и квартира была свободна!! Мы их встретили у метро привели в квартиру!! Нас было 3 ( я, Саша, Антон !) У меня раньше была традиция, что новый год я встречаю в кругу семьи!! минут за 15 до боя курантов, я побежал домой!! Антон сел играть в компьютер! а Саша стал ему рассказывать как проходить игру!! девушки сидели на диване!! Когда я вернулся минут через 20 после боя курантов!! я застал собирающихся девушек в коридоре!! и Сашу с Антоном сидящих за компом!! Я спросил, что случилось!? они ответили, что они отъедут на час к друзьям!!-мол подруга приехал, которую они давно не видели и вернуться!!!( больше этих девушек, мы не видели!!)! КОГДА Я ЭТО ВСПОМИНАЮ, УЛЫБКА НЕ СХОДИТ С МОЕГО ЛИЦА!!( а друзья Саша и Антон краснеют!)

  • um.... there's a LOT.... hmm..... -.-"'

    I used to love Barbie dolls and played with them. Also i had loved Barney -__________________________-"'
  • Oh yes, totally. I went through a phase of taking my clothes off at every opportunity, which is mortifying looking back on it. Lots of skinnydipping and streaking around with friends in increasingly dodgy situations, or daring each other to "accidentally" flash the postman or the window cleaner or the room service people or random passers-by. I dread to think what a psychoanalyst would make of it, but it was probably just raging hormones. Then I unexpectedly got myself a job as a model for classes through a friend of the family, and I wasn't exactly shy about it - it was all totally legitimate, of course, but I was probably over-enthusiastic about getting my kit off. I was only supposed to fill in for a few sessions one summer until they found a permanent replacement for the previous model who'd left at short notice, and I got it through my aunt who tutors a little for evening classes. My mum came along at first, even though the first class was entirely forty- or fifty-something women in the village hall, and I think she was very amused when I ended up doing it regularly - she was probably just glad I wasn't taking drugs and sleeping around. Although I have a vague suspicion (probably totally off-base) that she'd noticed my friends and I were into the whole streaking thing, and she was trying to give me a safe and legitimate avenue to vent my dodgy exhibitionist tendencies... I'd love to know if that's true, but I'm probably imagining it. Maybe I'll be able to ask her one day. Anyway, it was really good money compared to any other job I could have got, but I didn't need much encouragement to take on new classes, and in hindsight I was extremely casual about the whole thing. I suppose I had the excuse that I didn't know how these things normally worked, but let's just say I wasn't shy about where I was stripping off (some of the venues were lacking in privacy to say the least) or about posing with a couple of friends, and I was a shameless tease with male classes. Most of whom don't give a damn, of course, which makes it even more embarrassing now, but it probably wasn't very professional with the novices - and I suspect some of them may have gained a sudden interest due to the new model being several decades younger and not seeming to care about covering up during breaks. It's not the fact I did it the job itself that I'm embarrassed about (it was cool), it's that I flounced around in front of all manner of people I was guaranteed to see again in a way that made it obvious I was getting a kick out of it. Anyway, that led indirectly to my one nude stint on stage - despite being a backstage techie and never having acted before in my life - which was in hindsight totally gratuitous and I can't believe we got away with it. All "in the sake of art" of course, if anyone really bought that. Oh sure, I said, I'll be fine with it as long as it's professional. At least I didn't have too many lines. I think we only got away with it because it was non-profit, but it probably embarrassed a lot of the audience, and a lot of the rest were probably only there to see a bit of skin. It was actually a really excellent play but there was really no need for so much nudity, or for me to be on stage as much as I was. Not to mention I imagine most sensible people would cover up when they could, but as soon as we got to full stage rehearsals I seemed to have difficulty keeping my clothes on and wasn't in any hurry to get dressed again, so god knows what people must have thought. It might be all one happy family in the theatre but in hindsight I definitely took it a bit far! It was really successful (not anything to with me but due to everyone else's hard work) and ran far longer than we initially thought, but if my role expanded during the run it was admittedly mostly my idea. We got carried away with all the success and enthusiasm and it really needed someone sensible to tell me to put some clothes on, but I guess nobody wanted to be the one to say anything - and when people started missing the cue to hand me a robe at the end I didn't even complain. I took part in some other very funny installations and charity events, some of which my parents knew all about (through the gallery) and some of which I'll probably never mention - plus countless dodgy episodes while visiting my boyfriend at uni, like running around the lake for ragweek which was just asking to get arrested. And so on, including some very sexually-charged incidents I am definitely not going to describe but didn't leave anything to the imagination of those present! I suppose it was all harmless, but a lot of those times make me cringe so much it's painful - it must have been totally obvious that I got a thrill out of it, or an adrenalin rush or whatever, and I'm slightly curious to know what everyone was saying when I wasn't in earshot. A lot of the totally legitimate stuff was honest fun, and apart from being good money the modeling gig did genuinely give me a huge amount of confidence, at least when it came to dealing with people (boys mainly) who teased me about it. But whenever I go home it can be really embarrassing running into all these people who went to something like the play we were in. I wasn't at all embarrassed at the time, and I just try to act cool about it now. But where I live now I'm keeping myself firmly covered up! It's when people from here meet people from home that I can end up going bright red, because it's really not what people expect of me. And as soon as anyone (especially guys) hear you've done something like model for classes or do a nude scene on stage - which are not in themselves remotely dodgy, even though I used them as excuses to act like a complete floozy - it's all they want to ask you about. So I try to keep those worlds *very* separate until I know people well enough! I've been offered a little part in another play (my second role, Hollywood beckons!) and inevitably there's a fair amount of nudity in it, and I'm really not sure if I should do it now... I said I would a couple of years ago, but it's been stalled until now, so if I'm going to drop out I'll have to let them know pretty soon. Sigh.

  • ...I used to do bad things to the church school and enjoyed every moment of it :D

  • No, not really laugh, maybe blush, sometimes get angry... 

  • I think most of the things that I did, said, thought, and believed all make me laugh now.
    In general, kids' minds are so narrow and ignorant, but also, and probably because of it, completely wide open.
    Sometimes thinking about it makes me wonder how I ever got past that stage and to where I am now.

  • Umm... The scathing amount of extremely hot men I had sex with, just about does it for me.

  • Oh geez... I guess my obsession with Voltron makes me laugh a bit. Back in the day, I used to draw pictures of Voltron all over my (covered) textbooks for school. I even named a pile of dirt in my backyard "voltron hill" (and my parents still call it that to tease me). More recently, I watched some of the old episodes, and was surprised at how repetitive it was and... how it wasn't what I remembered it to be.

  • I ripped my pants while climbing over my best friend's fence and told my mom that I fell on a stick. And then, there was that one time that I purposely locked my mom out of the house. Surprisingly, I'm the "good child"...you could only imagine what my mother went through.

  • OH yes. There are many things. One I don't mind sharing is having my squirt (haha squirt) pulled down by a classmate in preschool. I still remember that to this day. O.O
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