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Writer's Block

The long and short of it

What's the longest book you've ever read? What's the shortest?

Answers (654)

  • I read "Gone With The Wind" while walking to a dentist's appointment when I was 14. It was 1.5 miles. Now quit annoying me.
  • Longest book? Maybe David Copperfield.
    but the longest story I read is the universe of Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb: Homecoming, The Farseer Trilogy, The Liveships Trader Trilogy, The Tawny Man, & now the Rain Wild Chronicles *o* 

    Shortest book: The little Prince by St Exupery maybe.
  • It's so humid now that it's 70degrees F and I can see my breath.  My little bowl of sherbet looks like a seething cauldron.  I'm aiming to sleep out in the van if it showers decently.  Otherwise just windows open and fans on high.

    The cat with the timer tummy shows up again to demand dinner. 

  • I read "Gone With the Wind" while walking to the dentist's when I was fourteen.
    While walking.



  • When I was in grade school, I only read book with pictures in it.. HAHAHAHA! Silly.
    What do you expect. Bet you folks too, right. Hahahaha!

    But when I was in high school, i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally got interested with Harry Potter, and began reading til I was in college.
    It probably is the longest book Ive read so far...
    I am all excited and crazy about the last installment but....and...
    (And inside, here I am hoping not to cry this July 14th, as my much love HP bids bye.. )
    I'll miss everyone else in HP, and will much miss this guy here

    And, the shortest by far.. is..

    I really like this book too.
    I never cared much about Huck really, til I read Mark Twain's book and liked it. Really liked it.
    I think, I prefer Huck much than Tom Sawyer, after knowing his story, all his hardships, etcetera ...and whatnot.. but then again, Tom's a lot, and much smarter than Huck, so...
    Anyway, I really really like them, both characters.
    Best friends.

    Surprisingly, I'm not a book worm. and not that much of a hardcore book reader.
    I don't have a thing for BULKY books really, but if I wanted to read something, then it works for me that way.

  • the shortest book i ever read was the little prince of Antoine de Saint and the longest was the breaking dawn of stephanie meyer
  • the longest books i've read are the Bible and Moby Dick. the shortest is a book about a caterpillar. i forgot the title. sorry :(
  • Самая длинная книга еще со времен школы-"Война и мир",а самая короткая так как я ее быстро на одном дыхании прочитала Д.Брауна-Код Да Винчи

  • The longest book, as I know of at the moment is the Swedish version of Stephen King's It: 1188 pages.
    The shortest..... must be my childhood's pictures book made out of wood.
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