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Your own toy story

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal, action figure, or doll growing up? If so, what was it and what happened to it?

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  • Это был маленький мишка, которого папа нашёл на улице и подарил мне. Я очень долго с ним спала, а потом подросла и родители его просто выкинули.
  • Yes, my older sister bought me a teddy, it is blue and it has 'Jessica', my name, across the chest. I called it Jessica Bear, inventive, I know, and I still have it now. It lives on my bed pillow :)x
  • I actually had a favorite blanket that I got in 1985 (right before I turned 3 years old) with Cabbage Patch Kids printed on it. I still have it now, as a 28 year old, and use it during the winter. It is actually in great condition for a 26 year old blanket, but maybe because its 28-year old owner takes care of it. My mom bought this Kermit the Frog Stocking Holder from Hallmark in 1983, and she said I always carried it around. I actually still have it, though he is missing his Christmas hat. It also cemented my love for the frog, because I have plenty of Kermit stuff. I had lots of favorite dolls and toys - Popples, She-Ra, My Little Pony to name a few. I don't have any of it anymore.
  • Hmmm.. okay. Well I have a teddy bear. I think I've mentioned it before. When I was born, dad sent away and got 2 bears from Kraft. They are the light and dark bears seen on the Kraft peanut butter jar labels. My brother got the dark one, and I have the light one. I still sleep with it to this day, although I don't hug Teddy much anymore because she's pretty delicate at this point. I also have some 'Cabbage Patch' dolls that my grandma made for me. My brother and I were saving up our money to buy 'real' Cabbage Patch dolls. The day we both had enough money and had convinced mom to take us out to get them, just as we were opening the car doors my grandparents pulled up in their RV. (I'm sure all this was timed, I should ask mom.) We were excited to see our grandparents so we ran to greet them. They got out of the RV and as we were telling them we were off to get our Cabbage Patch dolls they said they brought us some! We bounced around. Out came the dolls that grandma had hand stitched and made custom clothing for, grandad had painted eyes on them and crafted a doll size closet with custom hangers. We were so happy, but a little disappointed they weren't 'real' Cabbage Dolls. I love those dolls (they mean so much more to me as the years go by), I played with them and dressed them up. Grandma made some pretty elaborate clothes for them too. Over the years I ended up with 4 of them. I have been told they were all modeled after me and my various moods. My dolls are: Poutie - a doll with a magnificant pout (about 20" tall). Cheryl Anne - a chubby red-haired one (about 16" tall) Pig Tails - a little tiny one, with 2 awesome pig tails that stick straight up (about 12" tall) And then there is a brown skinned doll, I can't remember her name right off the bat (edit: I think her name is Tammy.. after my cousin Tammy who is really Tamara but I didn't know that until 2 years ago). I think grandma made me one because I asked how come all my dolls were white like me and not the colour of my friends. I know there is a story behind it, because she came last. I can't remember my brother's doll's name, but he was anatomically correct (okay they all were) and when my brother decided he had outgrown him my dad snaffled onto him, so he still lives in my folks house.

  • When I was little I had this stuffed teadybear in the colour pink. On a photo from the evening of my first birthday, when I turned one, I'm sleeping with that in my bed (together with the family's cat). Now, 24 years later, I still have it in my bed (at times with my own cat). Not that I'm very fond of pink... But it share a spot with another pair of stuffed animals I got as a kid, another bear named Bruno, and a stuffed blue dog that can sing, and yes, his name is Bluey.

  • Yes, actually. When I was little, my favorite toy was a stuffed animal Pikachu that my two older brothers got for me when I turned 6 years old. I used to adore it because back then, my favorite show was Pokemon, and Pikachu was just naturally my favorite Pokemon (besides Jiggly Puff). And now, my Pikachu is buried somewhere in the back of my closet. I think I'll dig him out, and show my brothers that the gift they got me didn't end up in the garbage. Thus, it was truly special of them to have bought it for me all those years ago. :)

  • I wrote a HI-frikken-Larious tale here a moment ago, then went to edit one thing, the very last word, and the backspace key took me to the previous page and lost everything.  It didn't prompt me to restore from saved when I came back.
    at 11:57 a tale was here that you would have laughed your arm off over.  One day I will take it upon myself to rewrite it, but for now look at this BS.

    I submitted this to LJ as a potential Writer's block, but it's long and so probably not acceptable;
    You have been scheduled for an hour session during which you will get the actual guaranteed true answers to ANY questions that can cross your mind. There is no penalty for missing your time slot except that it cannot be made up. Would you keep your appointment even if there was an incredible chance that some of the things that you want to believe turned out to be false? What things would you just not let cross your mind during your time?
    Reply here or on my page if you like...
  • I had a stuffed clown, which I've had since I can remember. My mom tried to sell it in a garage sell once, but I saved it before anybody bought it. So far as I know, it's still in a box in the garage.

  • Twitty. Still have it. Gave it a haircut once.

  • I got my first stuffed dolphin when I was about 6 I think?
    My dad brought it for me while he was on an overseas business trip.
    When I first got it it was HUGE to me because well yeah, I was pewny.
    As I grew up and got larger dolphins it suddenly dawned on me, how small it actually was...
    I still have it with me; white fur with blue eyes and just a little larger than my hand~
    It used to be a quarter of my size though.

    Whatever the case, I believe I'll keep it with me probably until forever :3
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