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Writing: Makes Me A Better Writer

What's been your biggest influence in making you a better writer?

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  • Reading crap. It works every time. When I read The Naked Lunch, I thought, "This guy just cut out chunks of other books and glued them together. If he can do that, anyone can write." Then I read "Retief Among The Ruins" and it inspired me to submit a submission to Baen because it was the worst book I'd ever read.
  •  Hmmm for me I guess it would be reading and roleplaying.

    The reading helps with making structure, seeing up the words and paragraphs in a way that is pleasing to read.

    While the roleplaying helps to get you into the mind of the character.
  • To correct the blatant misinformation that our world has become.
  • Life. Especially over the last 15 years. :P Help me keep track of where I been, where I am at, and where I am going. Making sure I don't shoot to off from where I want to end up in the end. :) 
  • Mental illness.

    No seriously. Sometimes I have so much going on in my little head, I need a way to make sense of it all... and on paper (or it's virtual equivalent) is where things make sense for me.

    It's kind of strange. I can be so very eloquent and composed on paper, but verbally, face to face so often the words get all jumbled, I get self conscious and self censor so much of what I'm feeling or thinking. Writing is my outlet. My stories help me work out my hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies. The letters and blogs I write are not only like a diary, but my way of expressing myself to the people closest to me in a way that I cannot do in words.

    I HAVE to write. It's what keeps me from going completely insane.
  • Without a doubt, my college english professor. She was the first one to actually make me feel like I was a writer with talent. It was with her I also had my first creative writing poetry class, and from her class got published in a nation-wide journal.
  •  my boyfriend, we go through so much i just take all that in, then i write.
  •  Television. Just kidding. Reading lots and lots of books, and writing.
  • An interesting question... One I'd actually ENJOY answering... Sometimes I write fan fiction... Then I am inspired by the actual characters, setting, and plot... For the most part, however, I am influenced by my own daily occurences, friends, and random thoughts. Really good book series I have read have an influence over me as well. After reading the Twilight series I was more inspired to write love stories. When I'm pissed off or having a fight with my parents I'm more likely to write action scenes. My dialogue is often the ADD ideas that are constantly popping into my mind, and sometimes I will include things that actually happened or ARE happening to me - i.e. I'm writing at 4am and my characters are really tired. My friends have the MOST influence on me, however, and I frequently include them in my stories.
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