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Taking it on the road

What was the longest road trip you ever went on? How did you pass the time?

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  • Самая длинная поездка на автомобиле была за Кош-Агач, на заставу, где служил мой первый муж. Это 510 км. Что может быть прекраснее путешествия по Горному Алтаю. Горы, зелень, небо, снег 27 мая при температуре +25С/+27С. МЫ фотографировались каждые 100 метров, пили пиво, ели бутерброды, пели песни, шутили, смеялись, танцевали в машине, валялись на снегу в купальниках и любовались красотами природы.

  • It was a 10 hour trip to Illocos Norte (a province in this country of mine) a few years back and me and my cousins just started playing 'Truth or Dare: For Drunkard's' Well, we weren't really drunk. We were just lucky that our cousin forgot to bring down the beer that his Dad told him to buy for his party XD So, there was a lot to go around. By the time we arrived, we all ran to the closest bush, tree, hole, sewage and toilet that we could find ((: 
  • My first trip to Japan was so long. Probabl just seemed longer than it was due to the crying and the headaches and the not being able to sleep in vehicles EVER syndrome. My DS died halfway during the flight and I dropped my mp3 player and the batteries popped out of it and rolled across the plane to places I couldnt see. So basically I just read books for the 12 plus hours. Until it was 'night' time and I had to stop reading 'cause all the lights went off. At which point I sat there for like four hours bored out of my mind.

  • For me, driving from Illinois to Colorado was the longest road trip I've ever been on. I was stuffed into a minivan with my parents, my little brother, and a massive load of luggage. It was difficult to breathe because it was so stuffy in the car. To pass the time, I simply turned between sleeping, staring out the window, and talking to my family about the upcoming events in Colorado that were to be looked forward to. All this was worth it though because once we reached Colorado, we had a great time exploring the nature that flourished there.

  • New Jersey to Colorado. My cousins used to live out there, so my grandparents took me to go see them. However, I had the stomach flu so it wasn't the best of times. :F

    - ashley <3

  • ААА! :))) "ИЗ Москвы - на автобусе" Автотур по Европе на 2 недели. Чем занимались? Байки травили, песни пели, ели-пили-спали, крутили романчики, дневники писали. От руки, между прочим при тряске. Весело, кстати, было. И очень своевременно.
  • The longest road trip I have ever been on as an adult would be a couple years ago, we drove from Rockford Ill to Arkansas in one night, and were in Arkansas for like five hours and drove back....as for passing the time, to be honest, there was three of us, and one stayed drunk the whole time and the other two of us tourtured the drunk...It was a LONG weekend, but a trip I will never forget!!

  • 9 hours to Missouri.
    listened to music! =]
    I very much enjoyed the drive and the end result of that drive lol
  • Каким было ваше самое длинное путешествие на автомобиле? Чем вы занимались в дороге? Ответ:Было дело.Мы с мужем путеществовали по Туркмении,на автомобиле. Чем вы занимались в дороге?Чем только не занимались,потому были молодыми!Ага.

  • I've gone to Georgie a couple times, so I guess that's the longest. Takes about 10-12 hours driving from here. 

    Once, it took us like 16 hours because the car broke down in like Kentucky. 

    Most of the time I spent it listening to music. I can't really fall asleep in the car, so I'd mostly stay up. I'd watch the scenery, which usually isn't very entertaining, but still, better than staring inside the car. We tend to travel at night so we get to Georgia at some time in the morning. 

    Also would get out whenever we made a pit stop, usually to stretch my legs, go to the washroom or to get something to snack on. 

    Don't really mind the drive, suppose i'm used to it and because i'm not the one that has to drive. LOL. 

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