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Writer's Block

Take me back

Is there any song that reminds you so much of an ex-partner that you can't stand to hear it? Details, please.

Answers (517)

  • Нет :)
  • Partner is too strong a word. It was more like a female acquaintance. Bob Dylan still makes me somewhat queasy, but I kinda didn't like him before. She wasn't really that good a girlfriend anyway. Outside the category of ex girlfriends, the ukelele version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow makes me queasy because it was the wedding march at a wedding for a friend who no longer speaks to me. Also, that Pink Floyd song about breaking bubbles down the hall reminds me of that same friend, when he sang in my car, and that memory makes me nauseous because he no longer speaks to me.
  • Every You Every Me from Placebo had that status briefly. Not anymore. It has more been books and tv shows that have carried those associations.

  • I Can't Make You Love Me, by Bonnie Raitt. The lyrics fit my recollection of a bad situation after it was over. While it was going on, my feeling was totally different. I was more inclined to think, "Hell yeah, I can make you love me, or else this is not going to end well for anyone!"

    But looking back on it, I knew I felt the power although the other person didn't, and I knowingly pretended otherwise just to try to enjoy savoring the moment and to fix it in my memory for when it would be no more.

    Fortunately, since it was a long time ago, I can now use the alternative lyrics: "I'll close my eyes, then I won't see, your rotting head, up in that tree..."

  • Not exactly, but many of the women I've been with had songs they could not hear for that kind of reason.
    I remember that my 1st significant girlfriend could not hear"We Built This City" by Starship b/c her uncle, Ted Willson, liked it so much that he raped her during that song.

  • yup i have but in urdu language that s tra sath ho ur kali ye rat ho. 

  • I'd have to say Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry.  I love the song but it reminds me of Kortney lol. The only functional part of our relationship was the sex. 
  • Если ли такая песня, которая так сильно напоминает вам о прошлой любви, что вы не можете не дослушать ее до конца? Ответ:Есть.Какое?Уже не важно.

  • группа "СЕКРЕТ" , песня "Моя любовь на пятом этаже"... я как раз жила на пятом...

  • There's one song that reminds me of her, Its called 25 to Life by Eminem... She told me it reminded her of all the crap she had been through, but then continued to talk about how I was the best thing that ever happened to her and she couldn't find any other girl that can compare to me. It hurts now to know that it all seems like a lie, all those words, and everytime I play that song, just to reminese, I can't help but let a single tear escape as I smile remembering all the good times we had and then just knowing how it ended... forever....:(
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