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If you could be any Star Trek character, who would you be, and why?

Answers (489)

  • Guinan

  • Q!, being all knowing and all seeing sounds like a good gig to me!.
  • I would be Q or Seven of Nine Q is just awesome with all the abilities. and seven of nine is half borg and hot of course !

  • Hands down, I would be Deanna Troi. I grew up watching TNG and she was such a role model for me. She's is a very intelligent, confident and caring strong woman. It's funny to look back on this because, as a child I always loved her in her counselor role and I loved how she was that support for her crew. Maybe this has always stuck with me and helped form my decision to go into social services.
  • Beverly Crusher is a great character. She's smart -- hey, she's a doctor! She's attractive (duh!) She got to have an affair with the Captain of the Enterprise -- and she didn't have to paint herself green to make that happen! I wouldn't have to change my name that much either, so it works on every level!
  • Next Gen: The Traveler. It should be obvious. ;)
  • Oh, come on, anyone who knows me could probably guess this. Actually it's a toss-up between Gordy LaForge and Deanna Troy. For anyone who doesn't know, Gordy is the Enterprise's engineer who has a visor that allows him to see. He was born blind. And Deanna Troy is ship's counselor. How freaking amazing would it be to be a counselor on a spaceship? Nuff said there.
  • Q, without question. my equitable quest for quintessential Q-ness will be unquestioned by any querulous and quirky querists!
  • I see two answers to this. One - Joseph Sisko (also known as The Sisko's Dad), an old man with a lot of concealed emotional scars who just stays the hell on Earth like a sensible person. "Outer space? Fuck that noise, I'm gonna stay home and cook crawdads." Two - General Martok. A grizzled, one-eyed old Klingon soldier. He may be getting sick of all this crap, but he can still drink more bloodwine than you; and would likely just as soon stick a daqtagh between your ribs as look at you, you human weakling. [EDIT: I seem to have only glanced at the question. I thought it was "who would you be," not "who would you be if you could pick anyone." In that case, I'm most definitely going with Martok. Qaplah!!]
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