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Bon appétit!

What is your idea of the perfect meal, including appetizer, main course, dessert, and drink?

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  • At the moment? Cioppino, a hunk of good cheese (Beecher's cheddar is the default, but tintern also is great), sliced apple, and garlic bread for the meal. An amber ale to go with that. Apple pie ala mode for dessert and coffee to sip during that.

  • ТО, что потом идеально ВЫХОДИТ...
  • Where exactly has this year gone? Lats Thursday Anthony and I celebrated 6 months of marriage (!). Monday was our 9 month as a couple anniversary. God is so good! Still no word on the house yet.....We looked at some more last Friday, but nothing piqued our interest. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. This past weekend was quite busy. We went house hunting after Anthony got home from work, then we headed down for the HUT in NC. After the HUT we went and stayed the night at Mom's. Saturday we hung out with my family. We were going to go to the beach, but it was pretty cloudy and Cas called and said it was raining there, so we just stayed home. Mom and I went into town for a bit and Anthony got in the pool with the kids. I got in for a bit when i got back. We watched some movies...had a pretty good time. Sunday we hung out, I baked cupcakes for Cassi's birthday and made pizza dough and pizzas. By the time I had all that going I didn't have a chance to get in the pool :( We made the best pizzas ever. Juju loved the crust. Anthony and I left around 3:45/4 to go to Ainsley's to play a while. I played with Ainsley (I miss my girlie!) and Anthony hung out with Wayne and Amy and Landen (Anthony ended up getting a lesson in farming from Landen :)  ). It was such a nice time! By the time we got back we were about ready to crash. Monday brought a shorter day at work.  Tuesday I caught up around the apartment (washer in our building still isn't fixed so I used the one across the court yard-and met a lovely lady who lives in that building). I also got crafty for a bit. I made a sign for my Beach blast (kids summer program at church) room. I started spray painting a vase...got it all white coated first.  Today I had work for a bit, started spraying the vase with a metalic blue color...well, I didn't notice that it says 'metalic on chrome'...so it's just a pretty blue really. I think it needs a couple more coats. I ran across an awesome DIY site....so many things I'd love to do! I can't wait to get a house so I can decorate and get crafty! While I was surfing this site I watched the new episode of Warehouse 13 online....it's gonna be a great season :) Mika's back :D Well, I need to go get something to eat before I leave for the beach...blast.

  • Appetizer:   Those BBQ Chicken things from Applebee's that come with ranch.

    Main course:  Perfectly Seasoned T-Bone, garlie potatoes, sweet corn

    Dessert:  Vanilla ice cream on top of warm chocolate cake, with hot fudge

    Drink: Famous Dave's Root Beer

  • Appetizer - My famous German potato salad
    Main Course - I can't decide between Chinese food, Minang food, Italian food, Thai food, Morocca food, Indian food, so I guess any of these will do
    Dessert - Um Ali
    Drink - Flavoured tea (mint, vanilla, caramel) or flavoured soda (cherry, raspberry, ginger)
  • Lol this reminds me of every time chibi and I have dinner at Miyako. Appetizers are always gyoza and dessert is always the ice cream and cheesecake tempura. main course is usually yakisoba or yakiniku and it's always amaaaaazing. miyako really has never failed us. lol i feel like i'm writing a review for them but i really do love tht place even if i always end up spending like $40 for every meal. LOL yeah first place I thought of was Miyako. Btw we should go on Friday. Idk why I'm putting this here like you'll read this faster than you'd get a text, but I thought of it so I just wrote it...

  • для меня лично
    1.салат фруктовый.
    2.ассорти сыра по итальянски.
    3. икра чёрная с маслом.
    4. тирамису с фрешом

  • Украинский борщ-масса витаминов,натуральная котлета с гарниром(в идеале каша-любая) и яблоко,
    стакан сока через час после еды.Вот так.

  • I really have no idea cause I'm in love with food too much I couldn't left out anything behind. /shy

  • идеальная еда...
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