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Apocalypse now?

It's the beginning of the end, according to Harold Camping. How will you spend what could be your last day on Earth?

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  • I probably won't believe Harold (whoever this person is) Camping but if this possibly is the last day on earth I would spend it with my family. First, I'm a christian so I would be praying my eyes out and spend the last moments laughing with my family and friends. ^^

  • i would spend my last day with the one that i love the most and tell him just how i fell about him and what i wanted us to be.
  • Getting very drunk because Camping is a fucking mental defective, and those that willingly follow him are even worse. Maybe this would actually WAKE THEM UP and start a 'real' End.... The end of belief in the lies of the Church as a whole, and Televangelists/Radio Personalities that try to pretend to Truth. That would be worthy of a very drunken celebration to me.

  • I hope to be a doctor and kow about Digital Radiography. The most important is that can help a lot of patients solve problem.

  • I'd spend it with loved ones knowing there wouldnt be a tomorrow, and do everything i wanted to do, try to squrim it all i one.

  • Теряется всякий интерес.
    Скучно же смотреть фильм, если знаешь, что в конце.

  • Wow. My last day on Earth. Hmm.. there would be so many things that I would want to do, that it would almost be unreal tp pick the few things I actually would do. Well, I'd also like to point out that on -my- last day on Earth would consisit of a full 24 hours of the day. I would stay buzzed on Red Bull and coffee untill I became a full blown insomniac before I wasted a second of my last day.
    Well, I know I would want to spend some time with a few of my closest friends, and inner family. Keri Rhodes, Samantha Lambe, my mom, step dad, and brother. Maybe a good movie or two finished off with a nice meal. Cody. I would like to spend time with him too. More of it with him probally than anyone else. I'd like trying some of his video games that he loves so much. Hot, crazy sex is also most definetly high on my list. I would like to spend some of the hours left writing, running and meditating. Some of my hobbies that surely keep me sane. I'd like to watch some anime, look through old photo albums, and remember the moments that I might soon not be able to remember. There's far too much that I would want to cram into my last day on Earth, but I guess the real kick is when or if anyone could guess the final apocalypse; then we'd see what I would really do on my last day on Earth.

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