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If you were a pirate, where would your hideout be and what would it look like?

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  • Very well hidden maties, but it would be amazazing. And well fortified afterall. Aye, I can see it now...
  • I just saw the beginning of this question and as soon as i saw the word "pirate" i automatically thought "ONE PIECEEE!!!!!! *.*" so my answer for this is pretty much off topic. Idk about a hide out but just to have like a getaway place like the thousand sunny would be awesome. I'll ride the going merry in odaiba one day....they still have it right? that'd be heartbreaking if they didn't. I get all happy when I find out idols like one piece like I was hella excited when I found out about kimutaku, nino, and eunhyuk :D

  • Приходите и смотрите. Компьютер в центре пиратства

  • My ship is my hideout! Graceful, fast frigate with sail as black as night, and the crew as hot as a volcano and as wise as an old man! And I'll be a terror of the sea!

  • Like I'm gonna tell ya. :,D

  • there is no way you could possibly make me tell you but it is of course the last place you will ever look 

  • What kind of pirate would I be if I told you about my hideout? I can say this though; I'd want a Maroccan inspired interior: Dark, musty colors and cushions. Lots and lots of cushions. And since I'm a pirate, I suspect there will be quite a lot of gold and silver. Just lying around, you know.

    For once in my life, I was happy to be forgotten last night. Fredrik didn't contact me - and I sure as hell wasn't planning on contacting him - so I had the evening off, so to speak. What I'm referring to is that we have lots of work ahead of us. Gotta finish songs, gotta practice acoustic. Two days before I fly to London, we have a gig. And then the day after I get home, we have a gig. And time just seems to fly.

    He should thank himself for forgetting too, cause I doubt he would've enjoyed my company very much. As I explained to Louie, when it's that time of the months (which it is, prolonged even, but let's not get into details), I can be a real klimakteriekärring. That, in essence, means menopausal bitch. Yeah, I know I haven't hit menopaus (that'd be weird), but I feel like crap, and oh boy, the hormones! Plus, last night was one of those major "WHY IS IT SO FRIGGIN' HOT IN HERE?!"-episodes. I feel like my grandma when I get like that. She's always complaning about the heat and fanning herself. Really, imagine a stereotypical older black woman in the American South - that's Grandma.

    So instead of belting out vocals and combining new music with new lyrics, I watched TV and played games on Skype with my Soul Sister. We kick ass at collaboration. In case someone didn't know. We probably share a brain. It would explain a lot. Despite my tiredness, we stayed up doing this until after midnight. I was tired, but it's not the same as being sleepy. I'm tired a lot of the time, but I don't really sleep all that much. Am I an alien? Possibly.

    Speaking of aliens, I have to go check if my face is blue. My jeans are still bleeding... (and I just rested my head on my knee, just for clarification.)

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  • Firstly, example A of my journal user-pic is that of Stede Bonnet.  Google him if you don't know his history.

    Secondly: Why am I going to tell you where my hideout is, hmm?  I don't need you, whomever you are, to come traipsing through my secret lair, stealing my secret piratey stuff.  Nope.  You can be left in the dark.

    As to what it would look like, it'd be sweet.  Imagine, if you will, a culmination of a movie theater, Carnegie Hall, the Library of Alexandria, the Bat Cave, various Pirate Movies, and underwater cave and lagoon, loot, and the Pentagon.  I'm sorry.  But even if you wanted to see this sweet-ass pirate hideout, you're not getting past the security of the Pentagon.  And it's  in a cave.  With a lagoon.  And underwater caves.  I could throw you down there and you'd NEVER find your way out.

    Sorry peeps, but only the chosen few will see it.  And God, that sounds like that should have been a tag for the Rapture that failed this past 21st.  But that's for another rant.

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