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Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

Answers (721)

  • I collect dust. The real reason I started collecting dust is that it's interesting to look at, and is full of tiny microscopic creatures.

  • I collect shot glasses and magnets from wherever I go. . I traveled alot and they were the easiest things to buy and pack to come back home. 

  • Я коллекционирую всё, что связано с путешествиями.
    Из каждой поездки всегда привожу тарелку на стену, магнитики на холодильник, сувенирчики в национальном стиле (под последние специально выделены угловых 4 полочки в спальне). Если это поездка к морю, то  ракушки (которые складываются в какой-нибудь сундучок или  шкатулочку, купленные там же) и песочек с пляжа (этот  насыпается  в специально отведенный для него  бокал  на длинной ножке; бокал подписывается).
    Еще - мыльца и шампуньки в крохотных упаковках из отелей. С соответствующей символикой.

    Почему начала?
    Потому что каждая поездка  - это кусок  моей жизни, о которой я хочу сохранить память во  таким  образом.
  • I collect too much crap, and that's really the problem. I have a massive collection of wheat pennies, and they're worthless. I've decided to keep only the most valuable ones and ditch the rest. I collect music because I drive all the time and it occupies the time. Also, I collect it because I discovered bootlegging from the web is a sin, so I'm trying to make up for it by buying the stuff I bootlegged. This has the added bonus of discovering cool songs I didn't know existed. I have a Viewmaster collection, which I can't part with, and a collection of toys and bric-a-brac. I've been dumping a lot of my toy collection at work, hoping it will disappear.

  • Шапочки-а ля тюбетейки, очень мне нравятся - есть много разных позитивных вариантов, любимая в моей коллекции - шапка с кошками)

  • Yep, I collect Johnny Depp movies. 
    Well, of course I thought he was sexy when I first started watching his movies,
    but once I began to watch movies other than the Pirates ones, I realized he's an amazing actor.
    Plus, he does movies that are so different than eachother! 

    I don't think I really collect anything else...

  • I collect bookmarks. It started from my love from books, and from a very beautiful bookmark that was given to me as a gift (with a book). I have quite a lot, and I keep them in order and in a dossier so I can enjoy them. It is a nice collection, and I ask from friends and family wherever they go to bring me back bookmarks from that place. I have some very nice ones and I also really, really use them!

  • I collect old/new records. It actually started about 10 years ago when I accidently ordered The Anniversary's "Designing a nervous breakdown," cd and instead they sent me the vinyl. When I got it, I was like "What the hell do i do with this thing?" So I went flea market shopping and found a nice reasonable priced record player and fell in love with vinyls. It gets to be an expensive hobby but I get lucky and come across great deals like "FREE."
  • Yes, make-up! I mostly like to collect high-end make-up, especially seasonal and limited editions. I started collecting the odd pieces when I was in junior high or high school and my mother introduced me to Elizabeth Arden. At that time I think I only collected a couple things from that brand, but I do still have a trio of eyeshadow compacts that is based on the Pageant of Beauty mural that Elizabeth Arden herself had commissioned in 1935, honouring the beauty of 125 women throughout the ages. Those came out in 2006.
    In the same year, I had discovered Dior, a brand I had chose for myself and bought a small lipgloss set in the airport. While I had noticed Dior's limited editions year after year, I had yet to buy anything from Dior till that year where in the fall I got my first two limited edition palettes, the face and eyes Detective palettes in Beige Vibration and Pearl Reflection. That was the slow start. In the summer of 2007 was really got the engines going as I had also discovered beauty blogs at the time, including a couple of my favourites that I still follow like A Touch of Blusher. Beauty blogs certainly fuelled my interest as I browse my blogroll of them daily (sometimes twice) for any news of limited editions or upcoming collections like you've seen in my last post. I'm starting to slow down quite a big in my collecting as I have too many products so I have to really love and be intrigued by a product before I'll fork over the dough for it. While there was a time I once bought one to look at and one to use, I now just buy and use one. Some may say before I had more money than sense (and I have been given this impression or told in different words) but really, what's the difference between this and any other joy in the world? It would have been less sense for me to be buying anything frivolous if I didn't have savings and was short on cash for living expenses. A roller coaster ride or movie theatre food isn't cheap either but people still spend on those on occasion for the most part because it makes them happy. It's a bit of indulgence and my one other main indulgence other than books. Some people, mostly guys but a couple of straw feminists at least, have been disdainful, slightly mocking, and seem to enjoy turning up their nose at what they don't call a hobby or real collecting. Guys I can get because I've only met a handful who understand why I enjoy make-up, including my boyfriend (we have a mutual agreement: he lays off on my make-up, I'll lay off on his video games and arcade parts). Now the straw feminists...I just want to whack them with a heavy-duty train case thank you very much.
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