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Which item in your wardrobe would shock the fashion police? Do you wear it in public?

Answers (431)

  • I don't care about fashion. As long as it's not indecent exposure or risque, it's cheap, and it doesn't make me look like a clown, I'll wear it. I've got some religious shirts that I hardly ever wear because they have ugly designs. There's a certain level I'd never stoop to, and it's basically outfits I see certain slovenly people wearing, like poorly made family reunion shirts, Live United shirts, hideous church shirts full of plain text advertising Baptist churches, Vote Obama shirts, things like that. Those shirts are gross, and you normally see them being worn by dirty, smelly people, and the shirts are often stained with various unidentified filthy substances.

  • It would be my jeans that look like someone threw up bleach on them. And yes, they're my Tuesday jeans :D
  • Uh I gotta say anyone of my dresses... and yes I wear them in public... love watching tose heads turn;)

  • I am a girl born without fashion sense, so I believe everything in my wardrobe would shock the poor fashion police...
  • I'd assume the pink Hello Kitty apron would not meet much approval. And: sometimes.. Kinda..
  • My pj pants with large gaping holes, a long sleeved tshirt with beer logo, with large gaping holes, crocs, thick socks and yes I do go out in public - but only East York....On occasion I've forgotten to comb my hair and have to use a clip to run it through my hair before rushing into my son's school to explain why he is late for class again....

  • I call it my Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band outfit. It's a white tube-top dress with bright colored paisley designs. I use a bright green quarter-sleeved cover over it with black Capri leggings.  Yes, I've worn it many times in public =)

  • Probably every second item.
    And you bet, I wear them. Proudly.

  • I'm going to have to say my white, long-sleeved top covered in black paint and fake blood. Junior year Ancient History, speeches and Mictlantecuhtli (the Aztec god of Death) are generally an interesting combination. Do I wear it in public? Not unless it's Halloween (:
  • Берет с Майком Вазовским. Берет кроваво красного цвета, а Майка я сама вышила. Носила, когда училась в старших классах. А этой осенью что-то про него забыла. Надо будет осенью про него вспомнить))

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