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If you could have any vehicle (a helicopter, sports car, space ship, yacht, etc.) and a free place to park it, what would you choose, and why?

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  • a really big-ass hovercraft, like the one Jackie Chan was messing with in one of his less well-written movies

    or like the really big one that used to cross the English Channel.
  • Космический корабль. А те, кто выбрал остальное, сдохнут 21 декабря 2012.
  • Пожалуй, вертолет высшего качества.
  • My first thought would be to have the luck dragon Falcor. But then I realized that I'd be flying thousands of feet in the sky with nothing to secure me but his hair. I thought about a TARDIS, but then realized that it takes too long for the damn thing to grind in and out of existence. I'd much prefer to just teleport to and from places, so I can log into the phone on time and not have to deal with traffic and other nuisances. So my preferred vehicle of choice would be stealing the power of the X-Mutant Magik. But not Nightcrawler because he has to teleport through hell all the time. Either that, or I'd like the Flight of the Navigator spaceship.
  • a helicopter, so that commuting would be quicker
  • Космический телепорт с возможностью телепортироваться/трансгрессировать по Земле. А что ещё для жизни надо? И настолько изолированную стоянку, чтобы её никто не замечал вплоть до П/М-мюонов - лучшая защита от угонов )

  • I would pick the Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12, as it can go back & forward in time.

    Writer and producer R Gale conceived the idea after he visited his parents in St. Louis, Missouri after the release of Used Cars. Searching their basement, Bob Gale found his father's high school yearbook and discovered he was president of his graduating class. Gale thought about the president of his own graduating class, who was someone he had nothing to do with.[1] Gale wondered whether he would have been friends with his father if they went to high school together. When he returned to California, he told Robert Zemeckis his new concept.[2] Zemeckis subsequently thought of a mother claiming she never kissed a boy at school, when in reality she was highly promiscuous.[3] The two took the project to Columbia Pictures, and made a development deal for a script in September 1980.[2]

  • Nissan GT-R NISMO. Nuff said. 
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