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Forever young

If you found a magical stone that could keep one person young forever, would you keep it or give it to someone else? If the latter, to whom would you give it?

Answers (701)

  • мамочке бы отдала
  • Я бы повесила на шею и поджидала Случая. А там уж или себе, или кому-то... Ситуация сама найдет меня)
  • I'd keep it. I suppose that's selfish but I don't want to die without ever having seen the world from space, and a normal human lifetime isn't gonna give me that. P.S. Testing:

  • Staying young forever isn't exactly a concern for anyone at the apartment, is it? I'd probably keep it at least for a while, just because I wouldn't want to hand it out at random but I don't have anyone I'd definitely want to give it to, but I guess if I found someone who I wanted to be with and vice versa, but they were normal, then I'd give it to them. The only real alternatives would be Klavier making them a demon or something, or me freezing their time, but the former would be painful and the latter would probably be incredibly difficult for me and problematic in certain areas, so I wouldn't exactly say no to a magical stone that did it without the complications.

  • Положил бы этот камушек под мощный гидравлический пресс, а крошки развеял на ветру.

  • i would give it to someone else i don't wanna b young forever

  • I would give it to my God mother. My aunt is one of the most important people in my life and if it meant I could spend extra years with her it would be all hers. 

  • Этот вечный камень есть у каждого из нас. Все мы рождаемся, умираем и снова рождаемся. Нарушить этот процесс можно, но тогда нарушения пойдут по всей планете. В одном фильме было общество таких людей, за свою вечность они заплатили полным бесплодием населения. А это большая плата. И со временем изучив, многие науки мозг закостенеет и просто не захочется, что-либо делать. В смерти великая сила очищения, дающая стимул и желание жить. Это очень важный механизм на нашей планете, давайте не будем его нарушать.
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