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I'm looking at the ___ in the mirror

If you could meet your true inner self, what would s/he look like, and what would s/he tell you?

Answers (571)

  • Others see me as different, I see them all the same.
  • she'd be clair and she'd say "Kiss my ass."

  • Вам действительно это интересено? Ну ладно. Уговорили. Сейчас я буду копаться в своей душе.. Копаться без лопаты.
    Итак начнем с того кто я сейчас.
    Я молодая, слабая девушка. С большими планами на будущее. С великим потенциалом, большой силой воли, капелькой веры в себя и хорошо развитой фантазией.
    Хрупкая внешность вобщем типичная девушка!
    Но никто не знает что внутри меня живет...
    старый восьмидесяти летний дед бизнесмен.
    Да да я не шучу, какие тут могут быть шутки?
    Мою голову часто посещают странные мысли. Ощущение что я живу на этом свете лет 100.. не меньше.
    Конечно я владею очень повторюсь очень малым колличеством информации. Но пережила и повидала я на этом свете так скажем не мало.
    Буэ..... буэ товарищи!! когда в следующий раз я заговорю как старый мудрец шлёпните меня тапком по башке!

  • Это я сам. Видимся каждый день :). О чём сказал? О разном говорим... О том как же прекрасна жизнь.

  • Nothing too horrifyingly different from what I see now. Not because I'm a dreadfully honest person. Pfft! No, most of the time, when I lie, it's out care, and I don't give a crap if people say they that stills makes me a dishonest bitch, 'cause honesty is a bullshit trait people seems to all want but can't find even in themselves.

    But ANYWAYS. I'm pretty sure I'll be similar to now. Since whether if you "act fake" or "hide yourself" it's what makes you who you are. Also, my life is not dramatic and my pitiful states doesn't make up my constitution, so...it should be all angsty or angry.

  • My inner being is not what it used to be.An ugly jealous evil little twat bent on self loathing and stupidity.Why am i saying such, because i remember how it used to be.Not this shell but something more something kinder, more caring and considerate.I guess all the years of getting walked all over have really taken their toll.He would tell me why dont you help me go back to the way i was.I hate that you've turned into this and that you hurt the ones you love so often.The answer is simple i would have if i wanted to.I do want to go back now but that road is going to be a hard and arduous one and i dont count on it taking a day or a week.Step one leave the miserable atmosphere behind.Move out get a car and start doing things your way for a change no roommates unless they are someone your in a relationship with.Step two get back into your clean freak self organize everything throw away useless stuff.Step three stop being a pack rat.Step four eat and stop starving yourself just because your quote unquote not hungry your body says different once a day is not enough.when you have completed at least two of these objectives we'll talk again.That is in my opinion what he would say to me given he had the chance.hoorah

  • She'll be covered with lots of scars as long as a ruler.
    She'll be wearing tattered clothes; filthy from the result of her consequences.
    Eyes that would seem to have lost its life, it would seem as if nobody's inside.
    For a split second, you would assume she's a hollow body.
    Alive and kicking, but dead from within.
    Though only a small spark would ignite that sad, pleading look,
    she'll say, "Somebody help me; save me... from my self-destruction"
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