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What's the most important lesson your mom taught you?

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  • Что есть эта жизнь.Живите дружно.
  • The most important lesson my mom taught me was to never give up. She was diabetic, and had a lot of health problems as a result. But she never gave up, and always kept her sense of humor about her. Ppl wonder why I can joke about things one wouldn't normally joke about. My mom taught me how to do that, laughing to keep from crying. My mom was my best friend, and I miss her a lot. She was such a strong and loving woman. I just wanna make her proud of me, and hope I don't let her down.

  •  i love spencer-lynn still

  • That with privilege comes responsibility. It's so cliched I almost didn't put it. My mom's taught me a lot and I think I've taught her a bit too but for me this is really what's most influenced me. Privilege comes in so many different forms, I'm lucky to have been very privileged but all that means is that I cannot forget myself, can never think that I know better or am better than others merely because of that privilege. 

  • Не опускать руки перед трудностями. "Сейчас все сделаем".
  • That knowledge is power, family is the most important..
  • My mom taught me to do a lot of things but most importantly how to be a good person, mostly in relationships. Some people are all about themselves, and that is not ok. She tells me to love myself then love people. She has taught me how to act in relationships, and looking back at what my relationships used to be.... I am embarrassed. THANKS MOM!

  • My mom taught me how to love unconditionally.
    She taught me that the most powerful words on earth are 'I'm sorry" and "I forgive you.'
    She taught me that everyone has hard times, all you can do is pray and move on.
    She taught me to be self-suficiant because nobody owes me anything.
    She taught me to do my best, no exceptions.
    She taught me to stand up for what I believe in.
    ... and best of all
     She taught me to smile.   :)

    love ya much, momma!!

  • The most important lesson my mom taught me was and I quote "You can do anything as long as you know how to read." I'm a fan of that quote because it is so true.
  • Be strong. Be yourself. Be whatever you want to be. pretty much.
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