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If you could give one friend a superpower, which friend would you choose, and what power would you give him or her?

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  • Я подарил бы жене, как другу, суперсилу, которую хочу сам: я хочу спасать, излечивать безнадёжно больных, даунов и исправлять уродства. Или это против воли Бога?

  • Суперсила - деньги на хорошие дела

  • I would give it to Jessica, and I would grant her the ability to turn cats into pasta, and vise versa.

  • one that was in need of it. Say my friends sister was ill or couldnt walk you'd give them a power too fix it and what power? Depends on the person.

  • i would choose my sister daughter jaskirat and gave her my every thing which i have and my all life. because i love her so much.

  • Seanie loves superheroes. Specifically, he loves the Flash. I love Seanie, and I want him to be happy, so I would give him a superpower. But I'm not going to give him superspeed or whatever the Flash's powers are. I don't think I'd really benefit from Seanie running really fast. Sure, it'd be pretty cool if every time I wanted a snack, he could run and get it so quickly that it would almost instantly appear at my side. But I don't think Seanie would use his superpower that way; he'd always decline because he was "too tired" or "you'll get fat". Flight would have the same problem. If Seanie could fly, would he give me a ride? Maybe. But he wouldn't carry me very far, and he'd probably drop me, so again, I don't think I'd really benefit. Invisibility would just be a mistake. I would hope that he wouldn't use that skill to follow me around, but who knows? If he had the ability to do so, I bet Seanie would...not always, just once in a while. And I'd never know when he was following to class to make sure I paid attention, or sitting next to me while I read a book and following over my shoulder. Too creepy. So I think I'll just give Sean the weird magnetic powers that Magneto has. That way, he can retrieve my ring if I drop it down the drain, get coins out from the couch cushions, and cheat at panning gold. If he decides to crazy and take over the world, he'll have the destructive power to take out the Golden Gate Bridge. It'll be cool.

  • I would give my freind Georgia the power to grow mushrooms anywhere, anytime.

    I love georgia, and Georgia loves mushrooms, hence why her.

    However, it a silly little power EXCEPT that we would never run out of mushrooms, and I know she will always have food available to her.


    yes it is still a shitey little power, but I would be insanely jealous of someone else having a power, and this power can benefit us all (well me Georgia and Ameera) and none of us would be angry or envious.

    Well I would still be a little envious but not suicidal/ homicidal.

    I chose G and not A because Georgia is moving away, and if it were me and Ameera alone with one of us with a power and the other not our friendship would suffer, whereas at the moment we three are together and we can at least double team her when we grow too envious.

    Oh Georgia may get a little angry by us having her make us mushrooms all the time.

    MMMMMMMMmmmmmm Mushroom ♥

  • My adopted sister is my best friend - I'd give her the power of teleportation. This way, she could pop in to see me, her son, her sweetheart, etc. any time she needed/wanted to.  Unfortunately, I'd give her ability limitations - such as it'd be a single-person ability, meaning she couldn't teleport people with her.  It'd be both a blessing and a curse, unfortunately.  Blessing: people wouldn't be able to take advantage of her. Curse: she wouldn't be able to teleport others out of danger.

    Perhaps, I'd give her the ability to teleport others, but at a cost - at 1 year per person, per trip. This way, she could save someone under dire circumstances.

    I don't know... maybe she wouldn't want the ability at that price. Still, it'd keep others from using her as a taxi... :) 

  • My best friend of course!

    I'd give her the power to give other people powers, too, so that she could give me powers as well. NYAHAHAHAHA!
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