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Writer's Block

Cinco de Mayo

Do you consider yourself patriotic? If so, how do you express it?

Answers (635)

  • Считаю. Побитыми харями не - патриотов.

  • My parents, my uncles and my aunts all served for the military or married others serving. A few of my cousins are also in the military. I show that I am a Patriot by respecting and honoring my family and the others who served along side them. I'm proud of my country- but not everything it does. Part of Patriotism is realizing your country isn't perfect at all but still choosing to respect your fellow citizens.
  • Я читаю блог Медведева в твиттере и сажаю деревья во дворе
  • понятие "патриот" придумано для манипуляции,, отсюда приемлю патриотизм в теории онли

  • everything is wonderful, come here.


  • i do, i express it by standing up for everything i believe in, expressing my views, and exercising my rights as an american.
    i do not believe we are even close to as good of a nation as we should be with our global power / influence and technology.
    but opposing the powers that be is one of the most patriotic thing an american can do.

  • I express my patriotic firstly i tell my self and tell my country where i born and my country people. Then told my country name loudly  and fly my country flag.
  • i do not. i'm glad to be where i live, but i'm incredibly frustrated by politics and i prefer to be the voice of reasonable dissent.

  • I am a thoroughly patriotic American!  I express it by wishing the best for my country and trying to hold it to the highest standards.  Be all that you can be USA, and stop being the low-life cesspool of political and ECONOMIC corruption that you have devolved into.

  • я люблю свою Родину...но ярко выразить не могу. ну..если кто то скажет плохое рот могу заткнуть :D
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