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Do you think video games will still be popular in 15 years? How do you think they'll change?

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  • Думаю что будут и мало что изменится..

  • Нет, потому что это игры в сказки, люди этим переболеют и придумают другое.

  • Well, I'm hoping they'll be full immersion interactive. That will make the Supernatural video game a lot more fun.
  • Yes. Video games have changed before and we will see them adapt and change over time. For the most part, video games have to keep the integrity of previous generations. What I mean is that gaming consoles should limit the complexity of the input (buttons, motions, etc.) while having games with different levels of simplicity. Having all games with lots of buttons and high difficulty levels would be a major detour. Allowing a sense of confidence building towards complex video gaming will allow gamers to take on larger challenges.

  • Yes. Only that we'll be playing video games the "Surrogates" style.

  • Yes. We will have our PS14 or X-Box 1120 and we will be enjoying every minute of it. Even with the crappy movie tie ins, and Final Fantasy VII: Blah blah blah Cloud's Day at the Beach.

  • I have always thought that video games are moving toward feeling more and more real. I think, in the future, they might have a blank, totally white room, with a projector in it, that would project the game scenery into the room, so you'd feel like you're actually there. It would be able to detect every move you make. The floor of the room would be like a treadmill that can move in any direction, so you could walk and walk and explore. It could even come with props, for fighting games, like a fake sword, or gun, or bow and arrow, that would be weighted like the real thing, so you'd feel like you were actually swinging a sword, etc...
  • Advancements in video game technology will keep the industry alive, so yes, I do believe it'll still be popular in 15 years. The only real change I can see happening is the manner in which games are distributed, as companies may start leaning towards digital distribution (although with that recent security breach on PlayStation Network, said transition may be put off just a tad bit longer). Many entertainment companies have already started ditching, or at least downsizing their physical supplies and embracing digital content more. It's a good and bad thing. Good because it reduces the amount of unnecessary clutter. But at the same time, it's bad for a designer like me, who loves the allure of packaging (specifically game box art). In that manner, I might shed a tear the day physical games cease to exist.

  • Yessss... obviously there will be a ps35246 or something by then, so games may possibly revolve around them. More like to revolve around the newer consoles such as Xbox 360 and stuff.

  • Most definately!! It's amazing to watch how video games went from the very simple ping pong game to the incredibly sophisticated 3D graphics on Hand Helds! They went from being a child hood past time to a job for grown men. Who wouldn't want to get paid to play video games? So 15 years from now? I couldn't imagine where we'll be. I know that we'll have more 3dness avaialable. My brother made the comment that so many games are coming out with a variety of controllers that soon we'll have so many we'll wonder what controller goes to what game. It would be nice if we had vitual reality as part of a game. In fact I would LOVE it if the Holodecks on Star Trek were used as a means to play video games. I love the Holodecks. It can take you to any time or place in the past you can imagine. So why not incorporate it into video games? Of course we would have a safety switch such that you don't get killed within the games. There was an episode of X files like that. We may be a long way off from anything sophisticated like that... or are we? You never know who is in their basement or labs cooking up some new techology that people will be goo goo over. Sudden millionaires over night? Depends on the practical uses of the technology. I feel like we could also be connected to the internet in our brains. Like a cyber brain, courtesy of "Ghost in the Shell". That would bring even more possibilities of what video games can become. In a nutshell video games have so many roads it can go down that I doubt any one person can deduce what will happen. The future is such a fickle place anyway.
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