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Writer's Block

See you on the dark side

If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?

Answers (697)

  • Me? Go to the moon? Are you fucking kidding me?
    NO FRIGGIN' WAY!! Only science nerds dream about going to the moon!

  • I would go to the moon if I had the chance.  I love space.  I could sit outside for hours on a warm summer night and just stare at the stars for hours.  I would love to be able to travel there if I could.  It's a dream of mine to go.

  • no! i dont have the passion of exploring extraterrestrial places! maybe i could support but i wont go :)))

  • If I can live in space without suffocate to dead, I will definitely go.

  • I would not go there bacause i have breath problem and i cant live without my parents.
  • Although my body may not be well-suited for space travel, I would go to the moon. Plain and simple, I would go to experience light gravity and view the Earth from the outside-in. A learning experience with out-of-this-world benefits. :)

  • YOU couldn't keep me from going!  I would go without life support, I would go naked, I would go with a bag of chicken nuggets stuck into some part of my anatomy.  I would go just to be able to have gone dammit.

  • No. Basically because I have no reason to be there.

  • As long as there wasn't a catch, and I would be as safe as I could be, then I wouldn't miss it for the world.
    Seeing the Earth from outer space would be a trip of a lifetime, no doubt. I've always thought it'd be amazing to do ittt.

  • If you knew me, you wouldn't be asking this question. OF COURSE I WOULD GO! NO SHIT!*** it's one of my top 5 dreams in my life. When I was small I even told my friends and family that i wanted to become an astronaut. Never told them why, But i would do anything back then just to go in space. That was the major reason why I wanted to be an astronaut.  
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