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Writer's Block

The Royal Wedding

If you were invited to the Royal Wedding, what gift would get the bride and groom?

Answers (614)

  • i'll give them cookies..its sweet...

  • The new Lady Di documentary by Keith Allen on dvd.
  • An sex-box

  • Something Chocolate

  • I wouldn't go nor give a gift. They probably don't need anything anway.

  • A couple's invisibility cloak.
    They're not going to be left alone now!
  • Why, I'd return to them some of the finery they'd locked away for the ages with their beloved ancestors. And then Diabound and I would start the festival off with quite the show.

  •                 In complete honesty, I probably wouldn’t go to the Royal Wedding. I find it ridiculous how many people are making a big deal about a wedding. I understand its because “they are royalty”, but first of all weddings are meant for the bride and groom (obviously), and their close friends and family; and I doubt the, now queen and king, have that many friends. Secondly, I think that way too many people are holding them up on a pedestal, when they haven’t even earned their place on it yet. I hate it when celebrities are put on a pedestal, but I understand why royalty would be, but we don’t even know if they will be good royalty yet.


                    BUT, if I were a friend of the prince, or princess? and I wanted to attend, I would probably ask my close friend what they would like me to get them, and in the likely hood that I wouldn’t be able to afford anything they wanted with all the money I would ever make in a life time, I would probably just make them a nice symbolic gift that pertained to us, and some experience we went through, or I would make some other mushy gift in that sort.

  • I could never afford a gift for them. So I would take a pen and gift tag in my clutch, remove the tag off someone else's expensive gift and replace it with my own gift tag ; )

  • Personally, I don't give a shit about the "Royal" Wedding. It bothers me that so many people are pathetic. I was on Facebook and one of my friends on there was telling a story about how she overheard some people talking in Joann's about dressing up like princess' and staying up all night wearing tiara's and serving tea and crumpets. They were in their 30s.... Cmon that's just sad... You don't have any sort of attachment to these people getting married, yet everyone makes such a huge fuss out of it. Including staying up til 3AM just to watch their wedding.... Why!? I'll never understand why people are so nosy.
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