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What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

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  • virtua fighter! Love that game still do
  • Tetris! On an old school Game Boy. :D ---

  • The first video game I ever actually played and beat was Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. I loved it. I grew up with Zelda games. I always looked forward to playing video games during the winter when it was too cold outside with my four older brothers. It was just another adventure we could have.

  • Pokemon :3

    I loved it at first, but shit got old fast.

  • 1st Computer game, world of warcraft, yes I love it and still play today :)

  • That was it. Boulder Dash. My friend had a Commodore 64, and I sometimes played this at her home. I loved it, I really did. We didn't have any kind of computer or gaming device, and I didn't really want one, but I loved this game. It was fun and challenging in its simplicity, and it was new. This happened when I was twelve, 1987. Much later, probably in 1997, I remembered the game again, and loaded it on our computer. Payed it for a long while too. Now I play it online sometimes.

  • The first video I ever saw was AT the moment of MTVs inception -- Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star, love/hate simultaneous

    The fist video game I played was Standup version of Tailgunner at Time Out 2 in Colisseum Mall while waiting for my parents to get original air-gun swine flu inoculations.  LOVED IT!
  • Pong was the first game ive played. Loved it then anb love it now. Lol
  • Pong was the first game ive played. Loved it then anb love it now. Lol

  • "The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time". Though I didn´t really played it at that time. It was my uncles and I liked it more to just sit there and watch him playing. I was kind of scared, when I played it. All the skeletts which came out when the day turned night and you´ve gotta defeat them just to get around.  Hyrule Castle was also scary, after Link turned into an adult and the whole citizens becoming zombies.
    Maybe I was so scared, because they also let me and my cousins play "Turok" at the age of 6 x´D

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