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Writer's Block


A five-star location

What is the most beautiful destination in your city?

Answers (600)

  • BaiYunShan. As is known to all, digital radiography represents the largest medical imaging technology in the past 10 years, which is widely used in medical fields. Guangzhou Yueshen Import and Export Company follows the era’s need and provides the advanced digital radiography system to meet international standard.

  • Many of the beaches around my area.  But then again there's the man-made beauty of the opera house, the Ghent area, the downtowns... and the beauty of industrial ugly in all of the commercial and industrial waterfronts.  The whole place has all the different kinds of beauty anyone could seek, except mountain and desert.  My "city" happens to consist of 9 connected cities and 3 counties.

  • "Крепость-музей "Корела"

  • The Ocean Park. Most of us have heard of CCTV Security System at some point, however there are those who are not quite certain as to the benefits, or for that matter, what CCTV actually stands for. CCTV means “closed circuit television” which, as the name implies, is a camera that has been hooked up to a TV screen on a closed circuit type system.

  • У меня в городе самое красивое место - набережная...
  • Это центр в городе Тирасполь?

  • The most beautiful destination in Grand Haven is the pier. You can walk on the beach or on the boardwalk to get to it. It provides an execllent place to watch the sailboat races,  people, boats coming in and out, and of course to watch the sunrise.

    When my family does this, we get ice cream cones from the Pier Peddler, walk the boardwalk to the end of the pier, find somewhere to sit and watch the sailboat race.

    The Pier looks so beautiful when the sun sets.
  • the parts that aren't city.

  • That depends on one's perception. Most everyone would say The Strip, but I say it's the LDS Temple.
  • What inspired our town to be named "The Lilac Village": Lilacia Park. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilacia_Park
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