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Do you think kids should learn about sex in school, and why?

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  • нет

  • Yes, because school makes sex sound boring and then kids won't want to have it. That will not only lower the teenage pregnancy and STD percentage but can raise the DO NOT WANT percentage as well. Psh. See kids? Isn't sex so 2009?

  • Я думаю что не просто должны,а обязаны!что в дальнейшем дети делали меньше ошибок.

  • Kids have better Learning such thing no in school, It may be unsafe, Parents can teach them well with skill and tact. Upbringing is a proficient manner and step by step run, It requires a sense of responsibility and a little creativity as well as suitable knowledge, Parents can comfortably start to teach Sexual Relations by simple and untroubled instances like Plant's Reproduction, The procedure of pairing the stamen's pollens to the pistil where fertilization occurs. Afterwards they may set forth on the aquatic animals like Fish which have not sexual organs similar to human, Gradually it would be progressed on the Birds and small Mammals during a walk in the zoological park.

  • I think it should definitely be age appropriate, but taught. I think it should be balanced, teach the importance of safe sex, but at the same time place a lot of emphasis on good and bad reasons to have sex. Make sure kids know they don't have to have sex just because their friends might be, and that getting attention is never a good reason either. I definitely think that low self esteem is what leads a lot of kids, especially girls, into having sex too early. They should be taught to do it when they feel they are ready, not when that "hottie" in their class is ready to take advantage of them. Also, boys should be taught that they don't have to have sex to be more "manly", they should also be taught to grow up at their own pace, and to never pressure a girl into having sex. But since most of that usually goes in on ear and out the other.... teach safe sex and birth control, so at least they know the consequences and how to prevent STD's and pregnancy.

  • ДА ВЫ ЧТО?! Их аист приносит и в капусту подбрасывает!
    Просто интересно: у автора вопроса альтернативы какие?! Кроме аиста и капусты не вижу вариантов.
  • да. я все в свое время узнала от подруг. меня воспитала школа. даже классрук приложила к этому усилия. елена георгиевна, привет. я думаю детям проще узнавать и делиться такими новостями со сверстниками, нежели со старшим поколением. это проходит более естественно.

  • This is a touchy subject. Some believe that it should be and other are against it. Each adolescent is different in every way. I think it should be something that is offered in school yes. The basis for my answer are strictly opinionated. I believe it should be offered but not required. Some young people benefit from learning in school simply because they are either afraid or weirded out by asking their parent(s) and vice versa. In a classroom is the young person is with peers who learning they are more apt to ask questions and get the required information and input that will be needed. In teaching this subject in school the teacher with a degree in this particular subject can give many views to this subject. They can explain the dangers and the joys of intercourse. The joys are the things parents are more likely to be discouraged to give their kids. But with an educated adult giving them insight and answering their questions it would be less awkward for the adolescent and the parent. Not only will the adolescent learn of the dangers and joys of intercourse, but will more likely than not be able to get referrals to non-profit organizations that will help them. For example, a place that hands out free condoms for safe sex or a clinic that, if needed, will help a young woman who gets pregnant. There are many benefits to offering sexual education in public schools.

  • да!но не только..в школе должны преподаваться основы семьи. Что такое плохо и что такое хорошо!

  • Я считаю, что должны.
    Прежде всего потому что это часть жизни любого человека так или иначе, причем немаловажная.
    Дети же узнают в школе про законы химии, физики, биологии... а человечество - это пожалуй, самый интересный объект изучения.
    Процессы, происходящие между людьми, описывают этот объект как нельзя лучше.
    Другой вопрос в какой форме преподносить детям информацию и взаимоотношениях полов.... я за научную. Но к тому же, стоит ясно дать понять маленькой девочке и - в особенности - мальчику, что секс - это таинство... самовыражения.
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