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Writer's Block

It must be love

Do you remember your first crush? Did you ever tell that person about your feelings?

Answers (852)

  • Моя Первая любовь и сейчас рядом со мной, вот уже 32 года...
  • well my first crush was a guy on Tv no i didnt confess but i always had these him being my prince and i m being his princess types of dreams abt him is that werid....yes very much.....but i didnt stop frm dreaming ....i still like him he is not dat popular.....but popular enogh to be out of my reach....
  • Помню....Сергей Красавин....3 -4 класс детский санаторий Красная Пахра Ватутинки....даже сохранилось фото

  • yes, i still remember my first crush. his name was immanuel. yes, i was able to tell him what i feel towards him and he also told me that he felt the same. we shared the sweetest 9 months of my life until one day, we fell out of love and broke up :/

  • The first crush that i count as like a 'real crush' was in seventh grade... well technically it lasted through out seventh grade but really started in the summer before seventh grade. Technically, my friends took it into their hands to tell him my feelings about him. Me and three of my closest friends were standing around and talking about boys, like we normally did at the beginning of the year at recess. Soon it was my turn to tell them who I was crushing on. I was scared to tell anyone else, knowing that the two blabbermouths Sierra and Deirdre would spread it like wildfire. Holly was the only one that knew about him. She two had a crush on him in sixth grade. Anyways, I told my friends about my little crush... which turned into a pretty big crush by the middle of the year! Sierra and Deirdre started pestering me to ask him out, but I kept on saying 'No!' but they took it into their own hands and went over to the soccer field to ask him out for me. Which I now regret them doing... I had never told him the truth, that I didn't want to ask him, but by the time the Valentines Day Dance came around he would've known anyways. I honestly sit down sometimes and think, "Did I make the right choice by telling anyone I liked this guy?" sometimes I think that I should have never EVER added him on Facebook, so that I wouldn't have started talking to him. So that we wouldn't have became friends. So that I wouldn't tell my friends about my crush on him. So that I would never had to have a crush on him. That's one of the things I regret the most.

  • I'm bored and and sick. So, I'll be doing a couple of writer blocks to pass the time.

    Yup. I remember my first crush. I was about 5 or 6. It was a boy in my class. His name was Christopher. I liked him because he was cute and he talked to me. (I was the odd kid in my class. I hadn't been in Pre-K in that school, so I was the "Stranger") Still, he only played with me once. I got over my crush on him fairly quickly. I never told him since I was pretty young at the time.

    Of course, it eventually came out that I had once had a crush on him. This was years later in the 6th grade. (I went to Catholic School, so most of the class stayed together) He bothered for the longest time for it. Until I told him that I had a crush on when I was in Kindergarten and after that, it went away. He still bothered me for it.

    Though, when we were in 8th Grade, he kept asking me if I had ever gone to River Dance on Broadway. He loved it. (I was the only one in class that ever went to Musical/Broadway plays that weren't just Class trips) He kept bugging me and asking me whether I seen it or not.

  • Конечно помню,но признаться не хватило смелости,но оказалось,что я был для нее просто игрушкой.


  • Clear as crystal. He was my first and the only boyfriend I've had so far. I was really shy when he asked if I liked anybody, even though it was obvious he liked me back.
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