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A Profound Impact

Who has had a profound musical impact?

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  • only you...
  • Who has had a profound musical impact?

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  •  Another one of these questions, and I like this one!

    Hard one though. Will narrow it down:

    George Michael
    Human League
    Depeche Mode
    Suzanne Vega

    And out of these, I'm going to say Depeche Mode
    I bought their 'Playing The Angel' CD off Ebay last year after sort of-remembering someone mentioning it, I lost it for a while, then found it again. I played it...and wow! I became addicted to it! Litereally-when I didn't listen to it I began to miss it! Every song is a masterpiece, a jumble of huge emotion, gentle lyrics and beautiful music. That album was THE summer.  I moved on to Songs of Faith And Devotion, a more dark, earthy sounding album and from there I made my way through everything of theirs.

    I think what really attracts me to Depeche Mode is how much emotion they can match in their songs. The love songs are tender and beautiful, the 'themed' ones clever and every one is very interesting. It's strange how people you've nmever met can catch emotion you're feeling and really bring you to tears. 

    So that's the question answered. Depeche Mode it is. Fan 4 Lyf!

  •  ОКружение оказало влияние, точнее друзья. :-)

  • If this means a person who has impacted my life with music and singing, it would have to be Amy Lee. We are very similar: were both shy, we both like art and drawing, are middle names are both Lynn. uh......she doesn't show skin to get a record deal. She knows that her talent is good enough to get a record deal. She is very honest and doesn't lip sync in concert. Also she is a Christian!

    Amy Lee is a very good Person.
  •  recently ?
    hmm billy talent 
    they're like..
    totally wizard
  • On what? The world? Me?
    I guess personally it would be Darren Hayes, but if you know me then you know that already lol.
    Other than that I've no idea...

  • Johnny Cash
  • My taste in music vary greatly - I like all styles and types of music regardless
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