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A super debate

If you could either have the powers of Spider-man or the Green Lantern, which would you choose, and why?

Answers (483)

  • Green Lantern, because while Spidey is all about the guilt, Green Lantern is all about Will. Though I could do without the sucky, soapy back stories of either.

  • Пыщщщ- пыщщщ... Я идууу Антохааа!!!
    Выбираю Паутиста, потому что я незнаю о Зеленом Фонаре.
    А вообще Бугермен круче всех, вот его бы силами я хотела обладать... Кидаться козявками, стрелять соплями и спускаться в унитаз - это ведь так прикольно!
  • Spiderman. Now, GL has awesome epic powers, but the ring is the weakness too. It's only as strong as the wearer. And if you're getting your ass kicked when it needs charging, who says you've got time to say the oath and get it charged before it's game over? At least Spiderman doesn't have that problem. See, GL would beat SM in a fight, for sure. He does have better powers because of the ring but Spiderman is pure in his power. Plus, he can do some pretty awesome things. If I got to kiss my girlfriend like he kissed Mary Jane, hanging upside down? It'd totally be worth it. Anyway. Spiderman is fast, he's strong, he's agile. There's the Spider-Sense which totally helps kick ass and protect people. He's not indestructible, but he's a lot tougher than a lot of other Superheroes. Wall crawling, the web slinging - it's all really cool. Plus, as abulous as I am now? I'd be even more abulous if I had his powers. That all being said? Superman's powers are the ones I really want.

  • If I could have the super-powers of either Green Lantern or Spidey....I would have to go with...hm....a toughie...Green Lantern because he can fly and make crazy stuff happen with a well thought...thought!

  • I will change their wearing suit , Red&Blue spider very difficult to find , Right? Green spider is possible , Red and Blue lantern very beautiful,
  • The Green Lantern's. 1. because he glows green and 2 I hate loathe spiders

  • This one's fairly easy to answer. I'd definitely choose Spiderman. The reason behind this is he has free transportation. He can get anywhere he wants whenever he wants.

  • I choose "Option C", that is to say the powers of http://marvel.wikia.com/James_Jaspers_(Earth-616)

    Reality-Warping is *always* the best superpower to choose. Why? If you can warp reality, you could alter it and nobody would ever notice. Rings of Power and walking on walls? Pfftt.......
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