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A Profound Impact

Who has had a profound musical impact?

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  • This is going to be pretty obvious but I have to say Morrissey & The Smiths. I grew up with old people, not around other kids so I was socially inept and a little more informed about most things. My grandparents though old traveled often and by the time I was 10 I had a nicely stamped passport. I loved the company of my Grandparents friends their wonderful stories the little bits of advice but mostly I loved that I fit in. Here in this circle of eccentric book reading world traveling senoirs I was one of them, a short non graying non arithitic one of them. As I got older and went into middle school(two years younger than everyone else) I was back to not fitting in. People not understanding why I would say things like "Home work be damned!" and get all dramatic about it. (I was going through a Dorothy Parker stage) and just felt so alone. I would be at home on the weekends thinking does my crush like me? Or more like why would he like me? Why is so hard for people to just be kind? Then it clicked I was watching and this is going to really date me but oh well 120 and twenty minutes and there it was the song that changed everything. They played the video for There is a Light and it Never Goes Out. I was totally sucked in. It was like yeah this is exactly what I'm thinking how I'm feeling. So of course on Monday my friends Val, Phil and Robbie we skipped school and bussed into Pittsburgh where I promptly purchased anything and everything that involved The Smiths/Morrissey. We're talking about $300.00 bucks of music, books and anything else I could find (remember kids this is pre internet so you really had to work to find stuff out.) The more I read the more I felt connected to this person. Like in real life we'd be great friends. Morrissey is the voice of fat goth fag hags everywhere. Really he is like our Patron Saint. Some one really needs to invent a St Morrissey medal so all of could wear it solidarity. Anyhow, that night as I made my way through my purchases I came across Meat is Murder the last song on the cd named after and after listening to it I cried for an hour. It was right then I decided to become a vegetarian. So it's because of Morrissey I was able to find myself and my dreams and people who "got me".. Other bands and preformers come and go, I mean there our groups out there I a totally into and never miss a show if their in town or nearby but still some almost 20 years later nothing has ever moved me like Morrissey. No piece of music has ever really affected my like that, has never been able to basically represent me. And because of that Morrissey will always be my one true love. "Writing this to say, in a gentle way. 'Thank you, but NO!' I will my life as I will undoubtedly die ALONE"
  • Neil Hefti.
  • Harold Arlen, who wrote the music for The Wizard Of Oz, as well as many other compositions for movies and plays. He, also, greatly influenced Burt Bacharach.
  • Burt Bacharach
  • Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cure, AFI, the Offspring, Korn, Blondie, Franz Ferninand, Metallica, Kiss, Rush, the Beatles, the Supremes, the Temptations, Kool and the Gang, 4 non blondes, Shawn Colvin
  • .

    What a question.  I could go on for paragraphs listing musicians who have completely boggled my brain and made me think in terms of song writing.  but I'll try to keep it short.

    Music writing
    David Bowie
    Martin Gore (depeche Mode)
    Johnny Cash
    Franz Lizt
    Chuck Regan  (hotwater Music)
    Count Basie
    Antony (of the Antony and the Johnsons fame)

    Sound Design:
    Butch Vig (producer)
    Rudy Ratzinger (wumpscut)
    Vince Clarke (psb, dm, erasure, etc)


    Morrissey (The Smiths)
    Greg Graffin (Bad Religion)
    Ian McKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Pailhead, Embrace, etc)
    Dave Gohan (Depeche Mode)
    Dirge (Assemblege 23)

    Still long... ah well
  • Jim Steinman.
  • For me, I'd say Ace Frehley of Kiss had the most musical impact on me. This is due to the 20 years of hatred he inspired when I accidently stepped on my brother's copy of Ace's solo album from when all 4 members of Kiss all released solo albums. And after I stepped on it and broke it, and I swear on Cthulhu's holy tentacle it was a f***ing accident, my brother never forgave me. Or at least he didn't until I gave him the CD of Ace's solo album. Which netted me partial forgiveness, and a snide comment that the vinyl I broke would be worth more.
  • 1. pink floyd- comfortably numb 2. patti smith- pissing in a river 3. tom petty- i wont bak down 4. neil young- old man 5. fleetwood mac dreams 6. the doors- people are strange 7. the beatles- hey jude 8. the police- message in a bottle 9. billy joel- uptown girl 10. bob dylan- hurricane 11. rollig stones- paint it black 12. james taylor- fire and rain 13. the moody blues- knights in white satin 14. cream- sunshine of your love 15. grateful dead- touch of grey yeah, i know i've put some of these songs up before. Music has had a serious impact on my life. all kinds of music... but it was classic rock that really got me first. i still have the letters my cousin Jaime used to write me from California and she told me about this great band Pink Floyd that i had to hear. They were "way old" but "still awesome". She told me i had to get The Wall. I went to the store the next day and got the tape. I stole it, which i probably shouldn't have done, but that album has since made one of the hugest impacts on my life. i know i'm leaving out some great people, but these ones came to mind first. Musically, what is "classic" for you?
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