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Double vision

If there was a parallel universe, in what ways would you want your double to differ from you?

Answers (710)

  • I would want my double to have all the opposites of my bad traits.
  • пусть бы у нее были счастливые глаза

  • Исходя из существующего в нашем мире понятия "двойник", вряд ли он бы отличался от меня. Мне было бы любопытно увидеть себя, как другого человека - со стороны.

  • She has to look like me, suck in every one of my talents/good qualities/skills, then be good at the stuff I suck at. XD

  • Он бы МОГ отказаться от всего, что ему не нужно и не интересно и заниматься тем, к чему лежит его Душа, тем, для чего был рожден.

  • If there was a parallel universe I'd want my double to still look like me in the face but be slimmer than I am now. She'd still have my personality though. I guess that's boring. She'd also have a job and would be working hard in college in order to help her parents  out. Plus, her parents would be in good health so she wouldn't have to worry about them all the time. All around she'd probably have a better life than me.

  • не знаю как, но хотела бы, чтобы он отличался, интересно посмотреть какой могла бы быть моя жизнь)
  • I'd want my double to be evil! Then we could have epic battles across the city. Whose damage is always inexplicably repaired by next week. http://tinyurl.com/3wjhek9 Oh, yeeeeeah! (...okay, for those who don't get the image... guy in red's Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, guy in black's Kamen Rider Onyx. You should know about me and shows with dudes in shiny suits duking it out with monsters by now. Anyway. Same guy, different dimensions, but with suits changing hands some near the end of KRDK, we actually want the guy in black to win.)

  • I would want them not to smoke cigerates or drink. I would also want her to think more highly of herself and others and not be so damn insecure. Pretty much all my negatives traits I would want her to be opposite and make them positve traits.
  • I would want her not to not feel guilty for no reason at all and probably to be more pro active!
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