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Writer's Block


Dear LiveJournal

How long have you been on Livejournal? What major life changes has LiveJournal witnessed?

Answers (562)

  • В ЖЖ я недавно, с начала года, но изменения в моей жизни , которые отразились в ЖЖ широкомассштабны: мне открылось окно в мир - пишу, что душа желает, общаюсь через комменты и письма. У меня появились друзья по интересам и мне это очень нравится, спасибо ЖЖ .

  • I'm not entirely sure how long I've been on here. XDDD uhh problem? Nahhh ;)

    I'm not sure since I come and go... so changes.. not sure.. why did I pick this question again?
  • I have been on LJ since late 2001. I was 16 and in 10th grade when I made my first journal. I will be 26 later this month. Livejournal has witnessed a number of events in my life, both good and bad. Getting my Highschool diploma, my Grandpa dying, the beginning and end of friendships... My first LJ has seen a lot, which is why I decided to start fresh with a new account. I hope this one sees more good than bad.

  • Nearly two months ago, I have more writings since I've been on LJ. This is good for me enhancing my writing skill. 

  • I've been on LiveJournal for about three or four years now. I had a different username/account then. I had this one for just over a year. I haven't a changed a lot, really. I'm still young. I'm not much of a phan as I was when I started this. I've matured. I started college and almost done with my first year. I changed majors and have looked into other college stuff. So yeah. Biggest change is starting university.

  • I haven't been on Livejournal very long, a couple months at most. It's been here when I need an outlet and that's the most I can ask for. As for witnessing life changes? We'll see.
  • I've had this one for almost six years but have been playing around with LJ long before that. 17 April 2005. I was 16, about to start college. Ah... I dare not to venture that far back in my posts. I probably sounded like a complete spazz. I still do sometimes but I make an idiot of myself less now than before LOL. Big changes? Well, college. My constant jump from one major to another, trying to find a perfect fit. Getting my SCUBA diving license. Relocation to another country for good. My solo trips across the USA by plane and by bus. Meeting a good handful of my favorite persons. I consider them life-changing because none of those things I planned for myself. I just went wherever the wave took me. For example, my dream university, which I got in to, did not offer my "dream" program. So I just took whatever program that was accessible to me. Luckily, I enjoyed them. Okay, so maybe I kind of did plan my SCUBA diving license haha. And come on, who would willingly subject themselves to a 3- to 4-day bus trip from Los Angeles to New York City? I did. On my own. Wherever the road takes me. I may not be as active as I was before here on LJ but this blog has seen many Cates. And there are many more to come.
  • 8 years... Have gotten married and collectively moved 4 times over two provinces and one state.

    I've been on LJ since May 2005, apparently. Six years. Wow--hard to believe that the internet has been a part of my life for that long. (Since before LJ, too.)

    Let's see. I'd already moved across states by then. But LJ has witnessed a heartbreak, the death of grandparents, my going to and graduating from college, and starting grad school at an MFA program. Perhaps most importantly it's witnessed me meeting, falling in love, and getting married to my very own computational biologist. :) 

    So much, and yet summed up in so few sentences.

  • My first journal entry was on April 22, 2008. Since then I have: lost close to 30 pounds, became pregnant again, gained close to 30 pounds, lost close to 20 pounds, and am about to celebrate my second child's first birthday.
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