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Writer's Block

Ride the lightning

Should people who are sentenced to life in prison be allowed the death penalty as an option, and why?

Answers (845)

  • наверное  Нет-- пусть всю оставшуюся жизнь терпят...    а есть еще вариант-  может  судьи  ошиблись..
  • Yes. I would want it.
  • Нет.
    Пусть сидит и ждёт и знает о безысходности.
    Если виновен, а невиновен, значит должен выйти, а на его место сесть виновный.

  • Наверное,  ДА-------------------------------------------- 

  • преступник не может определять себе сам наказание, только суд. поэтому нет

  • Would you let them suffer and torment themselves over the guilt? I believe that they should be given a choice- even though what you said seem to be better in a case of enforcing law. In the end, what's the difference? They'd still not be living -technically- as life in prison is not a life at all, and the government would still have to pay to let them live with sufficient food, etc.

    If you give them an option, they'd be less of a burden, isn't it? It's actually a good choice, given that living would lead them to nights filled with angst.

    As it is an option, those who are not feeling guilty would probably not choose the death penalty. Those who feel regret over their actions instead will go for the death penalty. It does seem twisted to suggest that they die for the 'greater  good'... but some of them are helpless, and need a way out. Isn't that -in a sense- a relief as well?

  • Some people deserve to die for some horrible things that they have done. and if they get sent to prison, thats our tax money that pays for their stay there.
    think about it. if you were someone who killed someone and then that someone would have to know that they are actually providing some sort of living for you, no matter how bad?
    and some people do break from prisons, and they could be serial killers. so no offence, but i would rather pay money to kill that person than support them for the rest of my life. because i could be supporting the killer of someone i loved and lost. hypothetically speaking of course.
    so if they want to choose death, let them. seriously, not my concern. not to be mean or anything, i think its even the Laws of Darwin: the weakest do not survive, right?
    sounds like i'm coming off rude but whatever.

  • Думаю должны..
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