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Should parents be held responsible for the criminal actions of their teenage children?

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  • get fined

  • Каждый человек индивидуален и руководствуется "понятиями" своего постоянного круга общения и это далеко не родители, а в большинстве случаев друзья, подруги и товарищи подростка. Родители считаю здесь совершенно не причем и глупо если они будут нести ответственность за свое чадо. Виновато общество от телевидения до интернета, которое в современное время также вносит свой вклад в психику подростка ежедневно. Если родители должны отвечать, тогда и телевизионщики и владельцы информационных сайтов тоже.
  • Well, that depends now doesn't it? If the parents are crappy, the kid is probably going to come out crappy. Or the parents could be amazing and the kid could just be a natural rebel.

  • It all depends on the offence/action/whatever it is they committed that was "wrong."

  • Yes, parents should be held responsible. Why? It's because if the parents show love and concern for their children, they would not even commit any crimes. If the parents work every day and night, and have no time for their children, then definitely, the child would feel lonely. The child would then find friends to hang out with. However, the child might hang out with some bad company and in the end, commit criminal actions. I am a teenager too, and my parents never fail to shower me with love and concern. That is why I will never commit such ridiculous acts. 

  • No.  Teenagers have been socialized for long enough that they should damn well know good and bad, right and wrong, legal and illegal.  It should not matter if the crime is petty shoplifting or first degree murder; if an individual cannot distinguish between such basic principles by adolescence, there are far larger problems present, that cannot be blamed completely (or at all) on the parents.

  • no, in todays society the government has seperated parents from the actual raising of children.    Yeah the parents are there, yet the government has invaded the home and dictates how the nurturing is to be done

  • Absolutely not. Parenting plays a role to a certain extent. You teach them right from wrong, but what they do with what you've taught them is all on them. They should be held accountable for their own actions.

  • Обязательно, так как в 95% случаев это их недоработка.

  • perhaps
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