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Snacks, don't fail me now

When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?

Answers (1113)

  • When my feeling down, beef noodles is comfort me so good, and I enjoy it! But it will make you fattier than ever! 
  • When I am feeling down, no comfort food can save me. Instead, I have a comfort meal. I cook something nice from one of my cookbooks. My choice depends on what I want at that exact moment and what ingredients I have in the fridge and cupboards, as when I am not in a good mood   I don't really want to go out to buy food. And then I enjoy my meal followed by some fruit and desert while watching a comedy.

  • When I am feeling down, I love to eat noddles, like soup noddles or fried noddles. I don't know why, just tasted so nice on my tongue.
  • Chocolate!! Ice cream!!! :DD

  • В состоянии подавленности мне обязательно надо что-то себе купить, тогда полегчает. Журнал или книгу, или газетку с судоку. Или попить кофе в кофейне или в кофемате. Или съесть шоколадку, банан.

  • Chocolate. Changes my whole perspective
    Pizza Pops
    Orange Juice

    Not necessarily all at the same time :P

  • Одиночеством.

  • I would have to say any type of chocolate. I also have a very big sweet tooth. I also love pasta, mex and fried chicken.

  • alcohol ...marijuana ...oops not food. hmmmm...pot brownies anyone?

  • когда я подавлена, я вообще не могу ничего в себя запихнуть.
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